George Best 1885-1973

Simon Best
hello, my name is simon best, and george best was my grandmas first husband. they married st austell, cornwall, 1907. my grandmas name was martha dungey, 1886-1937. they had 2 children, ivy and leonard. ivy died in a road accident in 1928 in kent aged 18. len died in birmingham in 1972 aged [external link] dad stanley best took his mothers married name of best, but his real dad was joseph charles may, 1879-1913. my dad was born 4 weeks after his death.the whole story is very sad, especially for my grandma who george clearly abandoned to start a new life for himself in north america..i will let you know more info if you require. please refer to t he website [external link]. georges ancestors are all listed on it, as are mine, keep in touch, very kind regards, simon best
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