George William Case

Nancy Wolff
My dad, George William Case, was born 2-2-22 in Springer, New Mexico. He is an only child. My 3 sisters and I, and all our children (8 in all), were born in Albuquerque, NM. My dad's dad was William Albert Case who was born 1-17-1896 in Clinton, Iowa. My grandfather and his brother Charlie and sister Florence were orphaned, and their aunt finished raising them. I never met Charlie, and I don't know if he and my grandfather were estranged or just lost contact. I met Florence several times growing up, but we were never close to her. If anybody is related to any of the above, please contact me.
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Judy West I'm looking for further information re: Charlie Case. My Great Aunt had a romance with a Charlie Case back in the 30's. She was born around 1898 in Seaton IL, but relocated to Davenport Iowa as a young woman. All I know about Charlie is that he died around 1935(?) leaving a "Mother" and my Aunt heart broken. She never married. Might this be your Uncle Charlie? I don't know if his death was from illness or accident. Thanks.
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