Glenna Rought's father

Glenna Rought- Stout
Never having the chance to know my father: My father was killed shortly before I was born - was never given the chance to meet him, never the less doesn't stop me from loving him nor missing him. They say babies can hear while they are in their mothers womb -must be I don't know how else to explain knowing my fathers voice but I do .I wish I would have had the chance to know him and for him to be a part of my life-many of voids in my life without my birth parents- but I don't regret being raised by my grand parents whom adopted me and loved me, raised me right, looked out for me , taught me what I know and I treasure that. Because when everyone else turned their backs on me as a baby growing up with out my father, and my mother abandoning me - I only had them to protect me and to do what was right for me. Some day I hope in the next life I will have the pleasure of being part of my fathers world and the other two parents who raised me.
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