Gokotano/Gocotano Details, 3

Remy Gocotano
4. Pelagio : married Jacoba Cabaron : 2nd generation

Children : Alfonsa Francisco Segundo Miguel Librado

Alfonsa : married to Grengia : 3rd generation

Children : Paterno Arcadia Severo Dadang Teliong Cenon Sosa Tasing

Dadang : married Belarmino : 4th generation

Children : Elena Zenaida Socrates

Teliong : 4th generation
Children : Angelo Luz Virgie Ester Peter Noel Edgar Elena

Cenon : 4th generation

Children : Elvira Elmer

Tasing : married to Sumapong : 4th generation

Children : Leon Leo Maida

Francisco : married a Flores, then Regis : 3rd generation

Children : Carlos Fructuso Levigilda Rogelio Yolanda Malicadel Metring
Crispin Alexander Girl married Villagonzalo

Malicadel : 4th generation : Binugao, Toril, Davao City

Children : Richard Roselito Rommel Ester Jun

Segundo : married Reyes then Leucadia : 3rd generation

Children : Jesus Boy Lazaro Javier

Miguel : married Reyes : 3rd generation

Children : Arturo Berdina Clarita Lucy married Franz Walberg Juan

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