Grandfather Collins

Barbara Sell
My grandfather was an orphan.He is on the 1900 census with Cora Stafford,Her two daughters Martha and Lulu.He is listed as adopted son of Cora.On the 1910 census Cora is listed as Cora Johnson,but no one living with her.On the 1920 census she is listed with her daughter Martha Hatfield a widow and her three children(Clifford,Rose,and Paul).In 1913 My grandfather and Salley Ford were married in Pittsburgh,Pa.They had 6 children.William,Edna,Pearle,Doris(my mother),James,and Leonard.When I requested a marriage lisence I was sent an application for one signed by Cora L. Johnson from Williamson,WV.and Lee Leonard Ford my grand mothers gaurdian.If anyone knows these people ploease let me know.I have hit a blank wall.
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