Grandmaw's fishing trip

Tim Yates
Along time ago back around the early part of the 1900's Grandmaw from my Mom's side grabbed her bambo pole, bate, and her old boots to go down to the local bridge in Hiawatha, Kansas to fish for some channel catfish. She wasn't having any luck and got her line caught. She walked down the bank to get her line free and she slipped and fell in the mud. She was so mad and raged that she broke her line and walked back up to the bridge, left her boots and walked home barefoot. The next day she was reading her paper and broke out laughing in tears. Everyone asked her why she was laughing so hard and she told them what had happened. She right away told the police what had happened to call off the serch for the suicide victim they thought had jumped off the bridge and left there muddy boots there. The police asked her if she wanted her boots back. She said I don't want the Damm boots!
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