Gregg Washington
I met Lori 6months before HURRICANE KATRINA. I stayed behind because she did. We stayed in a hotel across from her job at Wendy's 4 days during the storm. We grew a bond so close we never realized the danger we were in. I had to go out and get food and water everyday.We finally got rescued days later and rode a yellow bus to Dallas. It took 2 days and we left everything we had in the city. We made it to my family out there got out assistance and was living happily ever after. We was expecting our first child and engaged to be married. I still can't forgive myself for not saving her. I wanted everyone to know it was a good reason why my name was tatted on her hand and why hers was tatted on mine. We were Husband and Wife..Much love to......Mrs. Barbara.....Mr Harold.......Melissa.... Call me sometimes.
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