Guelph Family

Marilyn Mason
So far, the Guelph family dates back to Henry Guelph, made the Duke of Bavaria in 1020 AD by the Emperor Conrad the Second. His son was Adam Guelph De Salzburg who followed William The Conqueror and settled in England. He took the name Salzburg after the name of the place he was born in what was Bavaria at that time. The name was changed to Salusbury in Wales (there have been variations in the spelling noted over the years) where the family had tremendous holdings and a palace located in Denbighshire, Wales. The palace was called Llweni Hall and was located on the banks of the River Clwyd. A residence had been located there since 720 but was first properly erected by Sir John Salusbury after having been given a position in the court of Queen Elizabeth I in 1578. The Guelph (Salusbury) family had members who were knighted, a baronet, and connections to the royal families of Europe through marriages to this day.
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