Henry Lee Spivey, strongest man

Claudia Spivey
Strongest man in a child's eyes; .My stories about my Dad may seem silly but I want everyone how great he was. Daddy was
A heavy equipment operator and Desile machanic.I would
be so excited for him to come home from work he
Always had a cake called a snowball in his lunch. There were
2 cakes in the pack one pink one white. He would
Eat the white one and bring the pink one. home to me.
Silly I guess to make public however I want people
To know what a good man he was. He took me to work
On a Saturday. My Daddy was knocking down big trees
and pushing them around. My goodness I was so very
Proud I had the strongest Daddy in the world. He was also
Very funny I believed everything he said. My goodness
When I got a little older and would tell his stories or saying
And my friends thought I was nuts. He said and I
repeated. Cows have 2 short. Legs and 2 long legs so they would
Not roll down the hills. That you could only live in a town
Called mechansburg if you were really a mechanic.
And of course my favorites you must hold your feet up
In the car to cross railroad tracks so your car did not
drag. . Spending hours riding down the road very
Quietly and looking so hard for Fallen Rock the lost son
Of Chief Big Rock and they had signs on the roads to help
find him. My goodness I tried. So hope you enjoy
My memories of Henry Spivey the greatest man I
ever knew. My Daddy.
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