History of the surname Threston

Roger McHugh
The surname Threston is English in origin, and, can be traced as far back as the 11th century where the name is found in the "Domesday Book." The connection between the current Threston/Thresten family has taken over three years of research to trace to the ancient name of de Thurstaston, however, it has finally been concluded that they are of the same bloodline. Therefore, information regarding the de Thurstaston surname is being added to the Threston/Thresten family research project as confirmed blood relations.

The surname de Thurstanston* was corrupted between 1066 and 1300 to De Threston/De Therston and sometime after 1300 the surname was again corrupted into today's known variations. (It is important to note that from all the variations of this surname, Threston/Thresten is the truest bloodline to the ancient surname name of de Thurstaston and the Middle Ages name De Threston/De Therston bloodlines, and, the Threston/Thresten family are the truest of noble blood.) See all known name variations of Threston/Thresten below:

de Therston
de Threston
de Threton
de Thriston
de Thurstanston*
de Thurstaston*

During the Middle Ages it was very common to take the town where one lived as your surname. For example, John of Threxton became John Threxton. And, due to the use of Latin, French and Middle English plus poor literacy rates through the end of the 19th century, spellings of Threxton became corrupted into the known variations found above.

The Threston/Trackston family was ennobled and granted a coat of arms. Threston Coat of Arms

Blazon of Arms: Gules, an ostrich argent
Translation - Gules (red) denotes fortitude
Crest - An ostrich as in the arms
Origin: England


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