Information about Carl Wesley Billings, Sr.?

Tracy Billings Kimball
My name is Tracy Billings Kimball. I'm looking for information on my grandfather, Carl Wesley Billings, Sr. Born: August 13, 1915 Died: July 7, 1995. Lived in Warner Robins, GA, at 712 Cornelia Dr. Buried at Magnolia Park Cemetary in Warner Robins, GA. Married to Nettie Bray Billings. They have 2 children together: Sunny Kathleen, and, Carl Wesley Billings,Jr. ( my biological father) My grandfather LOVED to go fishing/hunting/skeet shooting/camping,etc. He was known as a very talented gunsmith and had a huge collection of guns/pistols. He had his own workshop in his backyard, and, I remember as a child sitting/watching him while he worked. I can still remember the wonderful aroma from his workshop like it was yesterday. I'm 49, by the way. There was a huge pear tree near the workshop and I'd always grab one on the way. Something so simple, but, so memorable!! My grandmother was about 12 years older than him, and, never drove. She has other children from a previous marriage. I vaguely remember her having a son and daughter. I think their names are Norma and Norman, but, I'm not sure. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Where he was born, parent's names, siblings, orgin/history of surname...anything at all would be more than I have. I have memories, but, nothing beyond that. I haven't had contact with my biological father for 21 years. I was born/ lived in Warner Robins, GA, for 21 years of my life. My biological father has lived in Warner Robins, GA, and, Cochran, GA for all of his life. ( if he's still alive) I know he's in poor health. I have a brother, Robert Carl Billings. I live in Montgomery,AL, with my husband of almost 28 years, and our 3 grown children: Joshua-26, Jacob-22, Caitlin-21. My bio. father was married to my mother, Janice Louise Lee Billings Morgan, for 13 years. They both graduated from Warner Robins High School in 1960. Carl Jr.'s birthday is: May 01, 1942. Once again, I'm greatly appreciative for any information.
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Jennifer Billings Do you by any chance know about Billings in Iowa, there are many. Not sure if you are connected to them.
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