Irene Zingg, Wonderful Neighbor

Vicki Steele-Woodall
Irene lived next door to us in Richmond CA from the mid 1940s before I was born until a year or two before she died in 1977. She was a beautician and owned her own beauty shop during a time when not many women were business owners. "Irene's Beauty Shop" was in her remodeled garage attached to her home at 2919 Maricopa Ave in Richmond. There was a large neon clock outside above the door of the shop. Inside she had two work stations and two big hair dryers. I remember that in the 60s and 70s my mother would pay $2 for a shampoo and set. Maybe she got the next neighbor rate! Irene was a wonderful gardener and her yard was beautiful. She went to the Home and Garden Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco every year. She had a beautiful home which she lovingly decorated. I
remember when she and her mother Pauline took the cruise ship SS Lurline to Hawaii in the Mid 1950s before Hawaii became a state. She learned to do the Hulu and came home and demonstrated it for us! Irene was one of the happiest people I have ever known. She found joy in everything she did. Whenever I got something new or had news to share I went to see Irene because she was always interested and enthusiastic about everything. She was a big part of our family...and went on vacations and spent holidays with us! She was a remarkable woman.
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