"James B. Jasmin"   Jasmin family story

Tee Kindred

You died during the time of the full moon
Leaving this world just as you came in
Your ship came too late and the reaper too soon
All you had was your bare bones and skin.

There were no mourners and no funeral mass
Love denied you by steel bars and your own deeds
You ran, you hid - but you couldn't escape the past
But no matter how you got there, you are still free.

I asked your forgiveness and you mine
Only to turn right around and fall from grace
We did it once; we did it a thousand times
We never learned - fate cannot change its face.

There's no moral to the story, no lesson learned
There's no family, no respect, no love, no trust
Only wrinkles, disease and scars that we earned
Our legacy is one of WASTED GENIUS.
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James B. Jasmin

Born: ca. 1952
Died: Feb 16, 2014 (age 62)
Cause: Cancer

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