James Mcewen, My Dad

Monice McEwen
Jim, Dad as I called him was always there for me. He was with when I was wrong and supported me when I was right. I miss him so much, my heart yearns to see his smile. I love you best daddy to walk this earth in my time.
This was the type of man that would give you life skills in a loving way to let you know he only wanted what was best for me. He was intelligent, loving, and always had a good word to share with me., If I needed a job he would give me one. Always a second change and never judged me. The world needs more men of his caliber. He obtain is Masters from Michigan State. He loved to play golf, and he hit a "hole in one" once on the first hole one day, He taught me to hold a golf club... I love him very much and always will.
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