J.L Sawyers

Brittney Houston
He was the teacher and I was the student with a lot of questions...My Paw J.L Sawyers enjoyed working on cars, lawnmowers, air compressors and anything else that had a motor on it. He was always taking them apart and fixing them but the sad part was he had a way of making them run better than they did before. My favorite memory is the one were he had a riding mower tore apart on the porch and I was out there helping him work on it. I enjoyed it because of the stories he would tell me and the knowledge I gained from listening to him. But that day we got it all back together and it ran like new again but then I noticed we had parts left on the porch. I asked about the extra parts and he just simply replied with they put those on there for the just in case... that was the day I learned you ain't always gotta have all the parts to run right.
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