John Collins aka Davidson

Carolyn Davidson Hicks
I've been researching my Collins line for 24 years but most of my facts have been recent. I discovered that two of my relatives were actually the same man! The strange twist happens later after Amos Collins born 1784 migrated from Va. to Ky. One of his sons was named John Gilbert Collins born 1812. John Gilbert Collins had two sons, one named John Collins b:1843 and the other named Solomon b:1852.

I am a descendant from both these man, brothers, John and Solomon Collins. John Collins on my fathers side, and Solomon Collins on my mothers side. The story goes that when John Collins returned from the Civil War he changed his last name to Davidson. Generations later, my parents marry.

This is what made completing my family tree difficult. On my fathers side, John Davidson was actually born John Collins. Where one's life seem to stop at around 1863, the others life began and it all happened by a simple name change.

The moral of this story is, when you start researching your family tree, be prepared for a few surprises! Especially when you get your Y-DNA or mtDNA done.

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