John Rhodes' Friend

John Rhodes
YA-QUINTO, the Fifth

Anthony, or "Tony," once said he had a dream in which he was the fifth of 5 vicars riding on a tandem bicycle on a cobblestone street. He'd also say with a smile "I plead the fifth!" when asked what he would say in a bio on his life.

Tony claimed to have received a phone call from his brother in the middle of the night, while still half asleep. Not unusual except for the fact that his brother had been tragically murdered days before he received the call.

Strangely enough, his friend (I) John Rhodes, who had not yet heard about Tony's death, received a telephone call from Tony in a dream, only to find out later that he had died some months previously. "All I remember him saying was that he had moved, and his new place was just fantastic, and beautiful. After leaving numerous messages over the months, I called his sister and asked if she had head from Tony." "It was crushing to find out what had happened to my friend."
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