John Sanford Collins

Corinna Mattingly
Here is what I know about my great grandfather, John Sanford Collins.

His father: Ozisa Denton Collins B - 10-29-1846 D - 7-17-1919
His mother: Carrie "Moss" Collins B - 5-29-1853 D - 3-30-1940

John Sanford Collins born B - 4-17-1890 D - 3-26-1975
Brother: Jessie B ? D ? Children: Myrtle, Hester, hazel, May,
Brother: Creed B ? D ? Children: Henry, Jeff, Benny, Russell, Ozisa denton
Sister: Mary Agnes B - 1-3-1893 D ? Children: May, Louis, Denver, Opal, Margaret, Thelma
Sister: Cary Gurves B - 6-21-1897 D ? Children: Madelin, Alvey Jr Wells, Little Irvin Ralph
Sister: Mildred B - 1886 D - 1940 Children: Hershel Pippin, Charles Pippin, Bill Mullen

John Sanford Collins married Maude Mullens B - 8-8-1896 D - 11-28-1981
Robert Lockhart Collins D - 2-21-1920
Vivian Estelle-Mitchell-Wyrick
Nannie Mildred
Alvey Bernard
Myrtle Foster
Pearl Virginia
James Sanford
Eva Belle
Martine Evelyn
Naomi Jean
Rebecca Ann
I have all their birthdates, deathdates and their childrens names as well.
If you have any of these names in your family I would love to hear about it!
My name is Corinna and I am the granddaughter of Pearl Virginia
My email is [contact link]
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