John to Henry letter

Beth Pearce
Pheba Miss

Nov 29, 1919

Dear Cousin Henry,

I guess you thought I wasn't going to answer your letter. I was waiting on
the pictures. they come at last. I think they are sure good. As much like
the old one as can be. They cost $1.00. This leaves us all well and I hope
you all are the same.

I had heard of Charles death. I am sure sorry for you for I know that was
hard to bear. I believe you have got a good country but you know I tried one
new country and such I had luck. I can't think of moveing now. times have
changed here since you left. We are getting good schools and roads and the
land is going out of sight. You can see car loads of hogs and cattle
shipped from Pheba any day almost you go there. Some land is valued at
$150.00 an acre that they didn't think was worth the taxes when you was
here. They are cutting canals on nearly all the creeks and you know that
land is good. I can't expect you would know where you were if you was to
come back here. You spoke of airplains. Yes you know we had a camp at
Westpoint and you bet they were busy. All last year you could see them in
droves. I married Mr. Calvin Young's girl the first time a grand child of
John O. Young. I expect you knew him and the last time I married Mr. Jim
Booth's girl, a neice of cousin Eller Brown. I think I have had two of the
best girls at all. The one I have got now is sure good to me and my little
orphan children. Answer soon and tell me all you know. your cousin, John M.
Morgan Pheba Miss R#1

PS I will send you a group of us. It is pretty good for a kodack but you can't
see one of any children good. I have got one little girl baby by my last
wife. She is 5 months old. She sure is sweet.
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