Joseph Cantrell

Ricky Dent
The spelling of the Cantril name went to Cantrell by Joseph.
Joseph spent his early boyhood in Philadelphia, PA. After he marriedCatharina Heath, they lived in New Castle Co., PA, on or near the site ofthe present city of Wilmington, Delaware, and were attendants at HolyTrinity (Old Swedes) Church before 1720. It is probable that Catharinawas a daughter of one of the Old Swedes, first settlers of this section,but this could not be verified. Their first three children were baptizedat the old historic church still used and known as Old Swedes, which isone of the oldest and quaintest churches in this country.

BIOGRAPHY: !The city of Wilmington is built on the Swedish "church land"and the charter for the town was granted in 1735. At the time JosephCantrill went there it was known as Christina. There is evidence fromscattered records in New Castle County, that descendants of RichardCantrill lived there from before 1720 until 1797, though the majoritymoved south during this period. (from The Cantrill-Cantrell Genealogy)
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