Josh Withington, 'Pasty'

Cody Morrill
My name is Cody. Josh and I were best friends at the age of around 7. We grew up a few houses away from each other. We lived in a fairly decent neighborhood with a few other kids. There was Dylan, Shawn, Matt, and a few others. We were always together, you know riding bikes, fishing, doing something. Josh had a heart condition called cardio vascular vantriculous and had a pace maker. That's how he got the nick name Pasty. He was predeceased with it from his mom. I never met her she died when he was a baby so his grandma Marge raised him. The family lived in the house down the street forever (at least since his tramps built it). Its still here in Rutland but its condemned now, with his grandma passing too. Josh was my very best friend and I still miss him to this day. He was liked and loved where ever he went.

Til then i love you, my brother, my friend!
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