Lawrence D. Titley

Allen Jeyarajasingam
Lawrence D. Titley served with the American Peace Corps in Malaysia from 1966-1967. I knew him in 1966 when he served as a teacher at the Ahmad High School, Pekan, state of Pahang, Malaysia. He was my neighbour, just living across the road. He was a gentleman and was very fond of children and animals. He was affectionately referred to as Larry by the townsfolk of Pekan. He mentions that his parents lived at Douglas Road, Massena, New York. He left Malaysia in December 1967 and his last known address was 19, Grimes Road, Rocky Hill, CT 06067. I last heard from him in 1972 while he was employed at the Rocky Hill Post Office. He mentions a niece, Erin, in his mail. Letters to him after 1972 were not answered. It is sad to learn of his death on 18 December 1995. When he served in Malaysia (1966-1967), I was 8 years old. Today I am 55. I do not have photos of him ion Malaysia at the moment but will search for them. Would appreciate it if his close relatives contacted me at Would love to share information with them.
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