Leroy Williams KIA WW11

Clydene Williams
Being a Williams researcher myself, I get lots of queries from people searching for their Williams ancestors. This one touched my heart.

Sarg contacted me searching for information on his father, Leroy Williams, probably born about 1917-20. His picture, too large to submit, was taken on an Army base near ElPaso, TX during WW11 in training and the only thing Sarg has to go on. He was standing next to a jeep. Leroy was about 5'10" or 11, fair complexion with blondish/brown hair between the age of 20 - 30 and probably had blue eyes. In the picture the insignia on his uniform appears to be just a large black symbol of some kind that I have been unable to identify. The story goes that Leroy met a girlfriend and she became pregnant. The two planned to marry but Leroy was shipped overseas and killed in action somewhere. Sarg's pregnant mother was contacted by Leroy's mother notifying her of his death. Where the mother lived is unknown; I suspect Leroy would have been from one of the southern states but this is pure speculation. At any rate, Sarg was born to his unwed mother and has been searching to find his father's Williams Family for some years with no success.

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