Life was hard for Lambert

Leon Johnson
Lambert Weisenberger was born in Maryville, Nodaway Co., Missouri,both of his parents came over from Germany in the 1870's,Frederick Weisenberger was his his father,Anna Marie Hilsenbeck was his mother,Frederick was a drunk due to him losing his left leg on the job.After this accident anna marie had a hard time with Frederick,it is reported in the courthouse in Maryville that he chased Anna Marie around the house with butcher knife,she was mad at frederick because he had sold the family cow that they had raised for drinking money,the children had saw the hole think happen,anna marie divorced Frederick after that, the following year,this was in the 1900's.
In the 1910 Census I find Lambert living with his mother in Maryville, Mo, all the other children have moved away by this time ,Lambert falls in love with a young lady named Lennie Elizabeth Blacketer,daughter of Samuel Blacketer and Mary Martha Funderburg,Lambert and Lennie were a very happy couple,things were going good for them. They decided to move up to Wyoming,Casper Wyoming had alot of jobs at this time,its where LeRoy Lambert Weisenberger was born 28 Aug 1912,Elizabeth Katherine was born in 24 Aug 1914,Leon O. was born 12 Dec 1916 ,Maybelle Elizabeth was born 10 Oct 1918,and Louis A. was born 10 May 1922,times were happy for the family of Lambert and Lennie.Dec was coming and kids were excided about Christmas,it was the 22th of Dec.1922 and life was grand,lennie was taking care of her baby,smiling at her and enjoying the love she had for her newborn baby,she had a sharp pain in her chest,and died that night.
After Lennie was buried Lambert had to think about the kids,People back in Maryville were offering to help him with the kids,LeRoy was only 10 yrs old and the baby only 7 month's old Lambert took off for Maryville Missouri.He didnt like what he was about to do.LeRoy was left with Bert Hiatt's home ,Elizabeth was left at Katherine Yehle home,Leon & Maybelle were left at St Mary's church in maryville,Louis was adopted out,and Lambert went back to his job in Casper Wyo.This had to be hard on him,due to the times. All the kids moved back to Wyoming to be around there father Lambert,all but Louis,Louis had married and had trouble with his life,he was a drinking man,shot himself in the head while talking to his wife. Lambert was having a good life now,all his children were around him,I have alot of pictures of them on alot of hunting trips in Wyoming.I was born in casper Wyo.,so I know what they liked about the country. Lambert never married again.I remember Lambert coming to my fathers funeral in park city Kansas ,a very proud man,he made us smile alot,that was in 1956,Grandpa returned to Wyoming and later passed away in casper Wyoming in 1958,and is buried by his loving wife Lennie. His Grandson Leon L Johnson
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Randi Johnson Leon Johnson passed away in September of 2004, if you wish to contact a member of the family, please contact Randi one of 5 surviving children- [contact link]
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