Looking for Lockins Father

Erica Howard
I'm Erica Howard, im 42 now and had only met my father once when I was 14 , I'd spent a couple of weeks with him in Chicago and got to know him and found out that he did love me and it was not his choice not to see me but my mother's idea to take that. From me ,well then he passed before I could learn about my other family .I feel as if a part of me is missing.I'm his only biological child,he'd been married with step children but no one will tell me anything.I want to know my family and looking for my father.I've been told at least that my only son looks just like him,I have no pictures and have kinda forgotten what he looks like.I get glimpses here and. There when my son laughs or walks across the room but we both have the right to know.we are his blood .not step kin real blood.Marfan,M's syndrome
and all and that genetics not by marriage or divorce.
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