Lost Grandfather

Phyllis King
Enoch A. Stephens b. 1868 is my dad's grandfather whom my dad never knew . Enoch A. Stephens died when my grandfather was but 2/3 years old .

In 1888 Enoch A. Stephens married Martha Elizabeth Anderson b.1869 Ar. , in Little River Co., Arkansas . They had two children :
Paralee Stephens b. 1890 Ar.
Enoch Jessie Stephens b. 1894 Ar.

In 1895 he signed a promissory note in Mar 1895. By Aug. 1896 Martha had remarried to Thomas B. Hamilton in Indian Territory ( Johnston Co., OK. ). We assume Enoch A. died either in Little River Co., Ar. or in Chickasaw Nation IT (OK)now Johnston County.

If anyone reads this and knows anything about the Stephens family in Little River Co., Arkansas , I'd sure appreciate any help .I would truely love to solve my Dad's line .
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Billy Isaacks My name is B.R. Isaack My grandfather James Frank Stephens was born in Ashdown, Little River, Arkansas 1891, and death was in Potter, Texas in 1971. I do not Know if they are Kin but I think that are in some way.I am sorry that I can not help you but you may have something that may Help Me. James father was J. F. Stephens and Mother was Martha Mitchell. Do you have anything on them. Thank you, Bill
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