Maurica "MJ" Hiers

Tabitha Watson
MJ was my best friend. When were little life happened and we got taken away from each other. About 7 years later we were reunited at The Lancaster Children's Home in Lancaster, South Carolina. She was a good student at Lancaster High School. I helped her leave from the Children's home and she was on her way back to get me when she passed away. I did not find out about it till that following January. The family she was placed with before coming to the Children's home came once to collect all of her belongings but I only gave them what I wanted them to have. They did Not deserve to have anything more. Not once did they come see her the whole year i was there before the accident. Well I have one picture of her. If anyone else has any more pictures or questions please send me a message on Facebook and I will respond as soon as i get it. My Facebook info is Tabitha Lynn Watson. I live in Arkansas now. Please contact anytime. Morning, Noon, or Night. Thank you.
Tabitha Lynn Watson
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