Memories of Gold - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

My DADDY gave me a little GOLD hook, to FISH with luck,

It was tiny, insignificant, didn't even cost a buck;

So many more important items are long since gone,

But I still have my lucky fishhook, TREASURE brought along !

Just to get to FISH with DADDY is the funnest time I know,

Nothing seems so great as hearing, "Going FISHing, can you go?";

I caught the bug as just a baby, I ain't never seen a cure,

I ain't looking, I ain't searching, just trying to endure !

Grab your pole, the pressure's rising, always living on the edge,

Storm's a coming, short-term refuge, under some old bluff or ledge;

"Fishie" thinks my HOOK's a "goodie," bites to eat the shiny flash,

GOLDEN HOOK's my GOLDEN TREASURE, worth a million bucks in cash !

If you've heard the SONG my HEART sings, bait your HOOK, and come along;

I'll let you touch my LUCKY fishhook, your HEART can learn the Golden Song!!

11 APRIL 1998
IMO my dad, Lester G. REED
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