Memories of Nana & Papa Hall

Kelly Hall
"Nana" aka Charlotte M. Hall is my grandmother. She worked at Davison's when I was very small. She was a housewife and always kept clean house. She would always have to have her make up on and completely dressed, hair and everything. i can only remember seeing in her robe once or twice. She was hard to get close to or so it seems like for me that is.
We would always celebrate on Christmas Eve at Nana & Papas house. After mom (Carolyn Hutchins Hall) and dads (larry K. Hall) divorce it would be my dad & whoever he was dating or was married to at the time, after my mom he married a Debbie & a Debra that is currently married to, my aunt Karen Hall Cowart, Carrie, me, Nick & Chris and their dad Dave Cowart would sometimes come. Nana & Karen would always be in the kitchen cooking us a great dinner and yummy chocolate cake (shed tell me she baked it for me:) and ambrosia. Papa always said the blessing and he'd get choked up, i think it was because he missed his siblings and parents and maybe he'd choke up because we were only really a family and all together on that one day a year after my parents divorced. I'm not sure but we'd all stay strong as if we couldn't hug him or each other for comfort. The adults would all sit in the dining room & Nana for a year or two would sit with us at the kids tale. Most of us, after we ate would all go into the living room but Nana would always be in the kitchen either cleaning. After we all made it into the living room and the 4 grandchildren Carrie and I (Kelly) and Christopher and Nicholas would pass out all of the gifts each year and make a huge mess which we'd all pass around the trash bag to clean up the wrapping paper, Nana was smart, she always had us save the bows. I remember Nana would wrap presents so perfectly and even tape the boxes before she wrapped them, i laugh back now remembering a few comments from Dad about it. I remember one year Nana gave Papa a gold oval shaped picture frame with a picture of his parents and he got a little emotional but held it inside but it's great memory and i knew he cherished that gift. The picture hung on the wall near the back door that went onto the glassed in porch. Nana and Papa both loved to work in their garden. It was beautiful and i do remember a lot about that.
She and Papa loved watching baseball they'd both yell at the television as they cheered on the Atlanta Braves. Papa always sat in his recliner reading the Newspaper and doing the crossword puzzle.
I loved them both so very much though and will miss them both very much until we meet again. PIP Nana and Papa. Ava remembers and still speaks of both of you both. I'm so glad she got to spend some time with y'all and has great memories that will stay with her.
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