Mike Matthews

Jeannette Garcia
I was friends with Mike during the late 80's, early 90's in Denver. We all used to drink at Tumors(Rumors) on Colfax, it was a bar close to the UCD campus. Mike was very quiet, danced only once that I know of--with me, to a Bob Marley song! He'd come over to our house on Clay St. for parties or just to listen to reggae cassettes. Once I gave him a ride home during a snowstorm, he would not tell me exactly where to take him....might have been the last time I saw him. He was always trying to explain Tohono O'odham Nation to me....now I work for the Nation...never got to continue that conversation... I would like to bring a ribbon wreath to his resting place if possible and tell him that I ended up at TO. I wonder what community his family is from. Sad I never got to meet any of them.
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Jeannette Garcia Listening to T.O. Combo/In Loving Memory--thinking of you. Found some fun pictures of a bunch of us at our house. We had just moved in and had hardly any furniture. Joe and Lucy, Antonio and Jeannette, Becky, Matt, you, me, Salt and Kateri--all smiling.
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