Mine favorite Uncle, Arthur Nordahl

Eddy Collins
My uncle served with the US Navy during WW II in the rank of Commodore
and was the Captain of a ship (USS Colonel Percival E. Gabel) which primarily used a repair facility for damaged aircraft. His ship was.more than once, attacked by the Japanese air force (Kamazaki) One time one of those was aimed at his ship. however, spontaneous reaction he ordered new course and the attacking aircraft went into the sea, otherwise it would have hit midships. He settled down in Drammen Norway. Arthur and his wife Pella are both buried in Drammen (Grave No. 102 754) (The grave is maintained b Rolf Langum, Børresgate 17,, NO-3000
Drammen. His three sisters: Ragnhild, Mary, Martha,.Elin and husbands are also in a separate,grave.
Dr. jur. Eddy Collins ([contact link])
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