"Mr. James Vokorokso "   Vokorokos family story

Raymond Velez

JAMES WAS MARRIED TO SHIRLEY KRUGER AND HAD SOME CHILDREN WITH HIM. His first born was Harriet and she married Jerry Wisdom and they have children name Diane Wisdom, Jesse Wisdom, Billy Wisdom, He has a daughter name Diane Vokrokos and she married a Bob Brokus and they had children name Sonia, Danielle, Christiana and Diane later married Raymond Velez and they had two girls name Nicole Velez and Angela Velez. Nicole had three children Scotty, Raymond, and Vanessa, Anglea has 4 children Mya, Ryan, Demitri, and Alex.
Sonia had two children Antonia and Nikita, James had a son name Daniel and he had a son mane Daniel. James has a brother in the area by the last name Vokorokos I think he lives in Gary in the Miller Section.
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James C Vokorokos

Born: Feb 18, 1921
Died: Aug 24, 2010 (age 89)

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