My Brother - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

I have a special BROTHER, who is closer than a twin,
He LIVEs in my HEART daily, that's how it's always been;
His FATHER was MY UNCLE, his Grandma my GRAN, too,
My DAD was his DAD's BROTHER, he wears their EYEs of blue.
My little brother's sleeping, on the far side of the bar,
He took his place, and shared my all, from my cradle to my car;
It mattered not what price I paid, his wish was not denied,
Our dollars shared, overshadowed by what we shared inside!
I felt his hurts, he sensed my every feeling of the heart,
Never failing, selfless care, TOGETHER though far apart;
He stood with me in all I did, from fishing to the aisle,
Every pain could fade away, if we saw each other's SMILE!
We argued if 'twas needed, and can both recall a fight,
My needs could never hide from him, he knew them day and night;
He should have been given combat pay for countless years on end,
For stress incurred, resulting from being his "SISTER's" FRIEND!
We shared a bit of Family Pride, in standing behind our word,
To "DO IT IF YOU SAID IT", important as that truth be heard;
A secret shared is a secret kept, FOREVER, without fail,
We'll always be TOGETHER in our hearts, wherever our ships may sail!
12 APRIL 1996
for my cousin,
Rodger REED Sr.
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