My dad, Randy Greenwade

Brittany BrownSines
My dad, Randy, was a man of all talents. He could do everything, and anything. From building a house, to making dinner, to inventing new tools, and making everyone laugh. He had his faults, he "has been around the block" as far as life goes. He finally sufficed to a massive heart attack, and we think that he wasn't taking his heart medication, but we don't know for sure. He was often at Corky's Bar, a dear friend of his for a long time. He served in the United States Military in the Air Force. He served a 6 year term, in which he met Kelly Jo Brown, the mother of this 3 children. They were married for 16 years, and eventually divorced. He fathered Richard K Greenwade- born 3-1-84, Ryan Jo Greenwade-born 5-31-81, and Brittany Brown-Sines (Maiden: Zidzik-Brown)-born 8-26-90. His brother Richard Keith Greenwade survives today, as well as his half sister Sherry. His mother and father have both passed, his mother to cancer and his dad to complications with diabetes.
But, as far as Randy goes, he was extremely funny. My mother told me that once they had a station wagon, in Germany, and the driver seat broke. Well, Dad didn't have time to fiddle with it, so he took it out, went inside the house, grabbed a kitchen chair, and installed it into the car. And he drove off! He was one of those guys. He could lively up any party, and he always had a good comeback that would make a whole room chuckle. He was a gentle guy, a soft heart, and a really good friend. And an asshole sometimes. Hey, you're only human if you have some faults. He had a hard time keeping himself out of trouble, but eventually he settled down and relaxed in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. He spent the last few years of his life enjoying his time with friends and family. He is loved, and truly missed. But, his faith remained strong and he is now walking with the Lord!
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