My friend Aly Martin

Dana Lynn Galvin
She and I use to walk around Hollywood and attend various concerts mostly in Long Beach at Fenders Ballroom from 1985 to 1987. She never followed trends she was always her own person. I use to also rent a back house at her home in Burbank from about 1987 to 1988. It was her mother's home. Her mother passed away from breast cancer and then she owned the home and rented out the back house to me. She married a musician for a while and rented a studio for him to play music in. He was not very nice and eventually he left. Aly was very pretty and had a perfect face with child like features. She was very no nonsense. I can't believe she died at 29. I remember talking to her on the phone when we were both about 24 years old and she was living in Virginia at the time. She was very happy. I tried to call her again and her number was disconnected and then I could not find her until her death record surfaced on line somehow or I finally thought to look for it. I will miss her dearly until I see her again in heaven. I know her Dad will miss her too. Luckily she is with her Mom in heaven since her Mom passed away about 10 years before Aly did. LOVE YOU ALY AND GOD BLESS YOU MY SWEET FRIEND FROM OUR TEENAGE DAYS!!
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