My Grandfather George Benning

Kathy Pinna
This is what my mother told me: Her father, George Benning, died when she was 15 years old. He had owned a Chevrolet dealership (Reed-Benning Chevrolet) in Bremerton, Washington. When the will was read, his widow (my grandmother)and daughter discovered just how generous he had been. Evidently, he had heard that 2 families were going to lose their homes. (This was during World War II and Bremerton had a large Naval shipyard.) He secretly bought the homes and the families had been making payments to him as they could. In his will, he left each family the home that they were living in, forgiving the rest of the payments. He was a well-known man in his town, but few knew how much he touched other's lives. Although I never knew him, I am proud to be descended from him.
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