"My grandfather, Milo Clough"   Clough family story

Norma Barron

Milo M. Clough is my grandfather he is my mother's father. My mother's name is Mary lou Barron by marriage. On birth cert. is under Maria Louise Clough. Married my father (Joe) Jose Barron they had four boys George,Robert,Jaime, David and
one daughter Norma Ann Barron Johnson . My mother had two brothers John & Daniel one sister Frances married name Longoria married Paul. My mothers bothers and sister have all past away. Mom is 83 yrs. Lives in Houston Tx. My grandmothers past way when my mother a little girl.My grandfather never married again.
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Milo Clough

Born: Jul 7, 1897
Died: October 1969 (age 72)
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