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Sona Longmore
My grandma married Ruben Longmore in the LA aea she has told me that her madien name was Etta Ingalls and that her father was Charles thomas Ingalls. that is where my Dad got his first name fromhe is the second son of three son's and his full name is Thomas Charles Longmore(Ingalls). What do you thank am I puart of the Ingalls? send e-mail to [contact link]

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Sona Longmore My mother and my brother are trying to find her histoy? We do not have much on her or my Grand-Pa
Reply posted Dec 04, 2009 8:00 pm
Mallory Smith Your Ingles don't appear to be related to the Ingalls who were originally from MA then NY and Canada before moving to the mid-west.

Your charles Alfred Ingles was born in Fort Scott MO/KS to John H Ingels. John was born in 1852 in IL and his family moved to Gentry co IL. John's father was coleman. The Ingles came from Scotland to Philadelphia and then Kentucky, Illinois, Mo/Kansas then Fresno Co.
Reply posted Dec 13, 2009 7:26 pm

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