My Grandmother

Doris Fulcher
While doing some research on my grandmother's side of the family, I came across this site and lo and behold...I found a picture of my grandmother, Cynthia Ella Stafford Payne, when she was a young girl. The picture included her father, mother, and the nine children. I had never seen this picture and would love to have a copy of it for my album. The photo was submitted by "babydoll" over four years ago and I have written to her, but have not heard from her...I hope she is still alive! If anyone knows anything about this photo or more about the family in the picture, I would love to hear from you.

Father: John Wallace Stafford
Mother: Genela Reese Stafford
Children: Laura, Cynthia Ella, Cena Mae, Nora, Pearlie, Francis, Lawrence, Jason Lee, Lucy.

Cynthia Ella married George Roby Payne. One of their children, Elmer Lee Payne, was my father. He died at the age of 23 of TB when I was only 1 year old. I have several pictures of him and others of my grandparents and also his siblings. I also have a picture of my grandmother with two of her sisters, Laura and Bertha in their later years.

I can be reached at this website.

Doris (Payne) Fulcher (grannygirl)
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