My journey into family Genealogy

Debby Ferguson
My journey into family Genealogy. I have be on many quest in my life but this quest to discover the truth about my family has been a long hard road for me.I have learned many things along the way .Much to my surprise the trip was much harder than I ever imagined . But armed with a passion for the truth I steadfastly continued and was able to prove what my family oral history had told me was correct. I also learned that the record keepers of many Government branches need to go back to school and learned how to correctly record information.Many seasoned genealogist warned me about this and I ,myself found it to be very true. Names spelled wrong, Dates recorded incorrectly,thing erased from original records,where you can see only part of what was there.And of course they all want money ,money ,money.Then there are the old Native records that only part if the original can be read and what is readable is guessed at by the people transcribing them. I have to wonder how any tribe could turn someone away when so many records that they have are incorrect or refashioned by the transcribers. Then I had to deal with the adoption of my grandfather,which is not relevant to my blood line but does explain were my maiden name came from. I quickly discovered not to look for Native names because they are 98% recorded as just plane old English or other nationalities . I also learned one should never judge anyones Native connection based on there name and that family oral tradition is far more accurate than Government records. My biggest regret is not asking my older relatives about these things when they were still here ,this is such an important thing to do and so often pushed aside thinking that one can address this at a future date and before you know it they have crossed over and there priceless knowledge is gone. So ,listen,record and stay connected to your elders right now ,don't put it off.And don't forget to share you life stories with you children , nieces ,nephews , and have them write them down for there children.I also put mine on the web so that any of my family that I may not know can have the knowledge. Surprisingly, I have heard from some one researching the same family. Finally,don't forget the sub lines of your family,so many people just research the family name line ,when so much more is revealed in the lines the wives families and ever generation going backwards in your chart has these lines.
Deborah [Corbett] Forrest [ Fraga ,Ferguson] April ,05,2008
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