"My loving sister, Doris Layman"   Layman family story

Tera Harper

Doris Layman was a great mother and the best sister and daughter anyone could ask for . But on April 9 2005 some one took her from us and we still to this day do not know what happen . Yes it says drowning because that's what they ruled it as but the truth is Doris could swim like a fish therefor some one depended my baby sister an we will not be able to really put her to rest until we know the truth an they would not investigate it further because we didn't have a lot of money an she had pills in her system but , they were prescribed to her so if you read this an know anyone that can help plz email me at [contact link] I miss my baby sister so much an so do her baby's an we need closure please
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Doris M Layman

Doris M Layman

Born: Feb 17, 1980
Died: Apr 9, 2005 (age 25) in Grove, OK
Cause: drowning

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