My Uncle Richard L Lienenbrink

Joan Jacobson
My Uncle Dick came to live with me in 2007, after his beloved wife Rita Lienenbrink née Spinner (my Father's sister) passed away in September 2005, in Altoona, Florida. They had lived at the Lakeview Retirement Community in Altoona, Florida. They were married for over 60 years and did everything together. They loved each other very much. He told me how he offered to teach her to drive as a way of getting her to date him:). They wanted children very much but was unable to. Even still, Rita was very happy to be a "stay at home" mom to their dogs, Penny and (I'll update the name of their other dog). She fell ill very suddenly, in June, 2005, with pancreatic cancer and passed away on September 5th, 2005. He never imagined a life without her and fell into a deep depression after her death. In September 2006, I traveled to Florida to help him through knee surgery. I was distraught to see how much he had declined and how sad he had been for the last year. (He had kept it pretty well hidden). During his recuperation, we had developed a very special relationship, I think in a way I became the daughter he never had. At the very least, someone to love and that loved him completely, something that he had missed after Rita's death. I could never take her place, but was able to give him a few years of happiness. He came to Colorado in 2006, and I got to know an Uncle that such a sense of humor (he was hilarious!) and a heart of gold, he has forever touched my life. I miss him every day and hope he is "saving that place in heaven for me" that he promised. I love you Uncle Dick and I miss you terribly. I'm happy you're with Rita again:)

Joni (and Squiggles, your spoiled dog)
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