My Vafeas family

Georgios Vafeas
My grandfather's name was Georgios and he was born in Mani - Greece or Lemnos - Greece or Cairo- Egypt. He was married to Meropi Vasiliou from Lesvos - Greece and migrated in South Africa. They had six children, my father Neoklis, Constantinos, Aliki, Ekaterini, Vasiliki, and Fotini. My grandfather died in Athens Greece in 1970. His son Constantinos died in Port Elisabeth in 2011(?). Three of my aunts live in Australia and one in Athens Greece. My father died in 1995. I live in Thessaloniki Greece, I am a social worker and i was born in 1970.
I know that my grandfather had a brother who was a doctor in Egypt. I don't know anything else about his simplings and where they were.
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