My Woods Family

SharonK Cornell
Descendants of James Wood
Generation No. 1
1. James1 Wood was born in Ireland, and died Bef. May 1769. He married Mary. She died June 26, 1815.
Notes for James Wood:
This was sent to me by a friend, and it fits how I feel about my family genealogy. I just wish I knew who wrote it.
The Story Tellers...
We are the chosen. My feelings are that in each family there is one who seems called to find the ancestors. To put flesh on their bones and make
them live again, to tell the family story and to feel that somehow they know and approve.
To me, doing genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts but, instead, breathing life into all who have gone before. We are the story tellers of the
tribe. All tribes have one. We have been called as it were by our genes.
Those who have gone before cry out to us: Tell our story. So, we do. In finding them, we somehow find ourselves. How many graves have I stood
before now and cried? I have lost count. How many times have I told the ancestors you have a wonderful family you would be proud of us? How
many times have I walked up to a grave and felt somehow there was love there for me? I cannot say.
It goes beyond just documenting facts. It goes to who am I and why do I do the things I do. It goes to seeing a cemetery about to be lost forever to
weeds and indifference and saying I can't let this happen. The bones here are bones of my bones and flesh of my flesh. It goes to doing something
about it.
It goes to pride in what our ancestors were able to accomplish. How they contributed to what we are today. It goes to respecting their hardships
and losses, their never giving in or giving up, their resoluteness to go on and build a life for their family.
It goes to deep pride that they fought to make and keep us a Nation. It goes to a deep and immense understanding that they were doing it for us.
That we might be born who we are. That we might remember them. So we do. With love and caring and scribing each fact of their existence,
because we are them and they are us.
So, as a scribe called, I tell the story of my family. It is up to that one called in the next generation to answer the call and take their place in the
long line of family storytellers.
That, is why I do my family genealogy, and that is what calls those young and old to step up and put flesh on the bones.
(Author Unknown)
Jan 12 1746, James Wood, Augusta County,VA., 300 acres on a branch of Muddy Creek, Patents # 24, 1745-1746, Page 556
Jan 12 1746, James Wood, Augusta County, VA., 400 acres on the west side of the Blue Ridge os Mountians on both sides of Buffaloe Creek, it
being a branch of the north fork of James River. Patents # 24, 1746-1746, Page 554
Jan 12 1746, James Wood, Augusta County, 400 acres on the north side of Looney's Mill Creek including Beaverdam Swamp. Patients # 24,
1746-1746 Page 553
Jan 12 1746, James Wood, Augusta County VA., 370 acres on both sides os Smiths Creek. Patents # 24, 1746-1746 Page 551
Jan 12 1746, James Wood, Augusta County, VA., 287 acres on the head of middle branch of Cataubo Creek, Patents # 24, 1746-46, Page 550
Jan 12 1746, James Wood, Augusta Co VA., 245 acres on Goose Creek, Patents # 24,1746-46, Page 548
Jan 12 1746, James Wood, Augusta County, VA., 350 acres on Muddy Creek, including a meadow on the said creek. Patents # 24 1745-46, Page
Jan 12 1746, James Wood, Augusta County, VA., 400 acres including the great Plane on the north river of Shanando. Patents # 24, 1746-46,
Page 544
Jan 121746, James Wood, Augusta County, VA., 268 acres on the waters of Shanando called Naked Creek. Patents # 24, 1746-46, Page 542
Jan 12, James Wood, Augusta County, VA., 400 acres of the South River of Shanando called Cub Run. Patents # 24, 1746-46, Page 541
Jan 12,1746, James Wood, Augusta County, VA., 176 acres on a branch of James River called Looney's Mill Creek, Patents # 24,1746-46, Page
Jan 12,1746, James Wood, Augusta Co. VA., 400 acres on the branches of Muddy Creek, Patients # 24, 1745-46, Page 538
April 1,1749, James Woods patented 200 acres on both sides of Stockton's Creek, branch of Mecham's River.
Sept 10 1755, James Wood, Augusta Co. VA., 400 acres at a place called Horse Shoe Bottom on the New River. Patents # 31, 1751-56 Page 600
Sept 10,1755, James Wood, Augusta Co. VA., 1200 acres on Cripple Creek. Patients # 31, 1751-56, Page 661
Sept 101755, James Wood, Augusta Co. VA., 2800 acres, on a branch of Middle Fork of the Indian River called Cedar Creek. Patents # 31, 1751-
56, Page 701
Sept 101755, James Wood, Augusta Co. VA., 2193 acres on the head of Houstons Creek, Patents # 31,1751-56, Page 702
August 16,1756, James Wood, Augusta Co., VA, 2800 acres on Crooked Creek at the Large Indian Fields under Chestnut Ridge on the south side
of Woods River. Patents # 33, 1756-61, Page 118
Notes for Mary:
Page 294.--31st December, 1760. Mary Wood, of Frederick, to Joseph
Rutherford, £100, 400 acres on a branch of South River of Shanando,
called Cub Run, spur of Peaked Mountain, patented to James Wood, deceased,
12th January, 1746, and devised to Mary by his will in Frederick.
Teste: Thomas Rutherford. Delivered: Reuben Rutherford, May, 1768
Page 152.--22d May, 1769. Mary Wood, of Frederick, to Mathew
Harrison, £__, marriage heretofore celebrated between Mathew and Mary's
daughter, Mary, deceased, on North River of Shanandoah, part of a tract
called the Great Plain, patented to James Wood, deceased, 12th January,
1746, 210 acres; also one tract adjoining Fairfax's line and the lands of
Michael Nees, 270 acres, patented to Mary Wood, 27th June, 1764. Teste:
Robt. Wood, William Campbell, Alexander White, Jno. Magill. Delivered:
William McDowell, August, 1780.
August 19 1780
page (297) Mary Woods to be summoned to show cause why her children
should be bound out.
Feb 24 1800
Mary Woods relinquishes her right to administer on the estate of her
son Jacob Woods in favor of her son William Woods.
Page 23.--26th May, 1814. Mary Woods' will--To son, John; son,
William; daughter, Elizabeth Donovan; daughter, Mary Brown; son,
Joseph; grandadaughter, Jemima Woods, daughter to son Joseph; grandson,
Jacob, son to son Joseph. Executors, Isaac Jones and Wm. Sillings.
Teste: Lawrence Swink, John Gamble, John Woods. Proved, 26th June,
1815. Sillings refuses. John qualifies
Children of James Wood and Mary are:
2 i. Elizabeth2 Wood. She married Mr Donovan.
3 ii. Jacob Wood, died Bef. February 24, 1800.
+ 4 iii. James Wood, born in Ireland; died in Monroe Co VA.
+ 5 iv. Joesph Wood.
6 v. John Wood.
7 vi. Mary Wood. She married Charles Brown November 30, 1786.
Notes for Mary Wood:
Charles Brown and Mary Woods were married Nov 30 1786 by Rev.
Archibald Scott in Augusta Co Va.
8 vii. William Wood.
9 viii. Sarah Wood, born January 29, 1769. She married William Jones May 30, 1787; born 1766.
Notes for Sarah Wood:
May 30 1787, William Jones and William Jordan, surety, William Jones and Sarah
Wood, daughter of James Wood (Consent). Teste: Thomas Douglas, Wm Kilpatrick,
Wm Jordan swears Sarah is 18 on 29th January last, and Wm Jones is 21.
Generation No. 2
4. James2 Wood (James1) was born in Ireland, and died in Monroe Co VA. He married Ann Mills, daughter of John Mills.
Notes for James Wood:
Old Greenbrier Baptist Church, Alderson, WV
The First Church in Greenbrier County
The Rev. John ALDERSON, Jr., founded this church in 1787. "Its twelve original members were John ALDERSON, Mary ALDERSON,
Thomas ALDERSON, John KIPPERS, John SHEPPARD, John SKAGGS, Katherine SKAGGS, Joseph SKAGGS, Lucy SKAGGS, Bailey
WOOD, Ann WOOD, and James WOOD."
Notes for Ann Mills:
From Deeds From Sweet Springs, Greenbrier Co Va
Oct 29,1795. John Mills,son of John Mills deed of Botetourt Co to Ann Wood his sister certain easements in their fathers estate.
Children of James Wood and Ann Mills are:
10 i. Elizabeth3 Wood.
11 ii. James Wood.
12 iii. John Wood. He married Mary Keene April 14, 1793 in Greenbrier Co Va (WV).
Notes for John Wood:
John Wood and Mary Keene were married by John Alderson in Greenbrier Co VA., W VA.
13 iv. Wiley Wood. He married Jane Kincaid?.
+ 14 v. Bailey Wood, born Bet. 1755 - 1758; died 1826 in Monroe Co W VA.
+ 15 vi. William Wood, born Abt. 1770 in VA; died 1835 in Fayette Co VA.
5. Joesph2 Wood (James1)
Child of Joesph Wood is:
16 i. Jemima3 Wood.
Generation No. 3
14. Bailey3 Wood (James2, James1) was born Bet. 1755 - 1758, and died 1826 in Monroe Co W VA. He married Nancy Hicks 1776,
daughter of Joseph Hicks and Melvina Cole. She was born Abt. 1763.
Notes for Bailey Wood:
The reason I think Bailey Wood is my line is because it has been told down through the Woods family that the Hinchmans and Wood/Woods were
in Greenbrier Co, Monroe, Co VA., and Logan Co W VA together, and then came to Michigan together. I have no proof.
1782 Bailey Wood on Greenbrier Co VA Personal Property tax list
Bailey on 1787 Greenbrier Co VA tax list
1787 The Rev. John Alderson, Jr. founded the Old Greenbrier Baptist Church, Alderson WV, the first church in Greenbrier Co. The twelve
orininal members were John Alderson, Mary Alderson, Thomas Alderson, John Kippers, John Sheppard, John Skaggs, Katherine Skaggs, Joseph
Skaggs, Lucy Skaggs, Bailey Wood, Ann Wood and James Wood.
1788 Land Grant, Bailey for 450 acres on Greenbrier River.
1796 Bailey on Greenbrier Co VA tax list
1796 Court Records, Page 186. James Guinn vs William Hinchman Jr., in case, Deft pleads not guilty. Plff was solemnly called, but came not
enither (is) his suit further prosecuted, therefore it is ordered that he be non suited and pay the Deft 5 shillings damages and costs. Ordered James
Guinn to pay John Perry, John Dixon, Elizabeth Wood and Wm Graham $3.10 for 6 days attendance as witnesses for him vs Hinchman and
Bailey Wood $1.59 for 3 days attendance as witness for him at this same suit.
Name: Bailey , Sr. Wood
Sex: M
Birth: BET. 1755 - 1758
Death: Abt 1826 in Monroe County,(West) Virginia
1782: Greenbrier Co., (West) Virginia, Personal Property Tax List:
Bailey Wood 1 Poll, 0 Slaves, 0 Horses, 2 Cattle, Amount 9/0/0
"The 1782 Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia Personal Property Tax List" transcribed by Jeffrey C. Weaver, July 18, 1998. He writes: "This
Tax list as very difficult to read. I did the best I could, but there are numerous mistakes no doubt. Please consult the original records before making
a determination on what they say. Hopefully this record will serve as a source of Clues and should not be considered definative.")
Bailey Wood is listed in Mr. Wm. Hamilton's district with 1 Poll, 0 Slaves, 1 Horse, 2 Cattle, and no amount of tax.
1785: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA Taxable Property List
1787: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA Tax List list used for the 1790 reconstructed Virginia Census:
Bailey Wood 0-0-0-39
1788: Land Grant of Bailey Wood for 450 acres on Greenbrier River listed as Greenbrier County, Virginia
1796: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA Personal Property Tax List:
Bealey Wood 1 Poll, 0 Slaves, 3 Horses
1796: Greenbrier Co., (W)VA Personal Property Tax List:
Bailey Wood 2 white tithes 4 horses
1799: Monroe Co., (W)VA Tax List:
Bailey Wood 1 Poll, 0 Slaves, 7 Horses
1803: August 16 1803 Bailey Wood to William Graham, 127 acres for $1.00 on Greenbrier River adj. James Graham. (Source: Monroe Co.,
(W)VA Deed Book 1 (1799-1805) from "Monroe County (W) Virginia Abstracts" compiled by Larry G. Shuck, pg. 280-81.)
1804: March 20, 1804 Baily Wood and wife Nancy Wood to Robert Gwinn, 323 acres for five shillings adj. James Graham and James Gwinn.
(Source: Monroe Co., (W)VA Deed Book 1 (1799-1805) from "Monroe County (W) Virginia Abstracts" compiled by Larry G. Shuck, pg. 330-
This indenture made the 21st day of September one thousand and eight hundred and twenty six between James Wood and Polly his wife, Bailey
Wood and Lucertia his wife, William Wood and Mary his wife, Richard Skaggs and Susannah his wife, Martin McGraw and Nancy his wife,
Samuel McGraw and Elizabeth his wife, Katherine Wood, heirs and legal represenatives of Bailey Wood, deceased, and Nancy Wood widow of
Bailey Wood, deceased, of the county of Nicholas and state of Virginia of the one part and John Alderson of the County of Monroe and state
aforesaid of the other party witnesseth that the said heirs and the widow of Bailey Wood, deceased, for and in consideration of the sum of one
dollar to them in hand paid the receipt wherein is hereby acknowledged, have barganied and by these presents do bargain and sell unto the said
John Alderson and his heirs a certain tract or parcel of land containig one hundred acres more or less lying on the south side of the Greenbrier river
in Monroe County adjoining the lands of Will___ Johnson and Clarence Graham and bounded as followth. To wit: Beginning at a popular and
beech corner to John Lusk on the south side of the river and with his line S12deg E74 poles to 2 beech's S55 deg E 64 poles to a poplar and sugar
tree E 22 poles to a poplar and white oak neigh a draugh S 75 deg E 38 poles to 2 buckeye trees N__ 27 poles to a buckeye and sugar tree N 22
deg W 8 poles to 2 elm's N 30 deg _ 50 poles to 2 hickories N 10 deg E 42 poles to 2 buckeye's N 23 deg N 36 poles crossing the river to 2 beech
on the river bank and from there to the beginning with all its appurtenances. To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with its
appurtenances with all singular appurtenances ________thereinto belonging and the said heirs______aforesaid do warrant with the said John
Alderson the said tract or parcel of land from themselves, from their heirs , executors and administrators and from all and every person aforesaid
will warrant and forever defend in witness whereof we have hereto set our hands and seal this day and date first above written.
James Wood
Polly X Wood
Bailey Wood
Luccretia X Wood
William Wood
Mary X Wood
Richard Skaggs
Susannah X Skaggs
Martin McGraw
Nancy X McGraw
Samuel McGraw
Elizabeth X McGraw
Katherine X Wood
Nancy X Wood
Nicholas County to wit: We William Carnefix and James Skaggs, Justice of the Peace of the county of Nicholas and the state of Virginia do
hereby certify that James Wood, Bailey Wood, William Wood, Richard Skaggs, Martin McGraw, Samuel McGraw parties to a certain deed
bearing date 21st September 1826 and hereunto annexed personally appeared before us in our county aforesaid and acknowledged the same to be
their act and deed desired us to ratify the said acknowledgement to the clerk of the said county and of Monroe in order that the said deed may be
recorded. Given under our names and seals this 21st day of September 1826.
W. Carnefix
James Skaggs
Nicholas county to wit: We William Carnefix and James Skaggs, Justices of the peace in the county of Nicholas aforesaid in the state of Virginia
do hereby certify the Polly Wood, wife of James Wood, Lucertia Wood wife of Bailey Wood, Mary Wood wife of William Wood, Susannah
Skaggs wife of Richard Skaggs, Nancy McGraw wife of Martin McGraw, Elizabeth McGraw wife of Samuel McGraw, Katherine Wood and
Nancy Wood, widow of Bailey Wood, deceased, parties to a certain deed bearing date the 21st of September 1826 and hereinto annexed
personally appeared befor us in our county aforesaid and being examined privately and apart from their said husbands and having deed aforesaid
fully explained to them then the said Polly Wood, Lucertia Wood, Mary Wood, Susannah Skaggs, Nancy McGraw, Elizabeth McGraw, Katherine
Wood and Nacy Wood, widow of Bailey Wood, deceased, acknowledge the same to be their names and declared that they had willingly signed
___ ___ ____ ___ the same and that they __ __ ___ __ __.
W. Carnefix
James Skaggs
Monroe county clerks office February 10, 1842: This deed of bargain and sale from Bailey Wood's heirs to John Alderson was acknowledged
before two Magestrates in the county of Nicholas and certified and admitted to record.
Test: Geo. Hutchinson, Jr, Clerk
(Source: Fox, Vernon A. Nicholas County, (West) Virginia Land Deed. Heirs of Bailey Wood to John Alderson. 21 September 1826
Wood, Bailey. grantee.
31 July 1788.
Location: Greenbrier County.
Description: 450 acres on the south side of Greenbrier River adjoining the land or James Givin and the land of Mathias Keen.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 18, 1788-1789, p. 269 (Reel 84).
See also the following surname(s): Woods.
Gwin, Joseph. grantee.
9 July 1796.
Location: Greenbrier County.
Description: 75 acres on waters of Kellies Creek a branch of Greenbrier river adjoining the land of Bailey Wood, John Dixon &c.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 35, 1795-1796, p. 585 (Reel 101).
Wood, William. grantee.
16 January 1801.
Location: Greenbrier County.
Description: 109 acres in the Valley and on Peters Mountain adjoining his own land called the Cave Survey &c.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 46, 1797-1801, p. 624 (Reel 112).
Jarred, David. grantee.
21 September 1804.
Location: Monroe County.
Description: 149 acres on the south side of Greenbrier River adjoining the land of Moses Gwin, Bailey Wood.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 52, 1803-1804, p. 422 (Reel 118).
Wood, William. grantee.
9 September 1812.
Location: Kanawha County.
Description: 100 acres on the Trace Fork of Mud River adjoining and above a survey made for John McCalister called the Bridge Creek Survey.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 63, 1812-1813, p. 195 (Reel 129).
Wood, William. grantee.
9 September 1812.
Location: Kanawha County.
Description: 100 acres on Bryans Fork of Browns Creek.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 63, 1812-1813, p. 196 (Reel 129).
Wood, Bailey. grantee.
1 July 1820.
Location: Greenbrier County.
Description: 69 acres on the Pine Spring Branch a branch of New River &c.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 69, 1819-1820, p. 278 (Reel 135).
Wood, William. grantee.
22 March 1822.
Location: Nicholas County.
Description: 50 acres on the waters of New River.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 71, 1822-1824, p. 47 (Reel 137).
Wood, William. grantee.
1 November 1822.
Location: Nicholas County.
Grantee(s): Skaggs, James; Wm. Wood, and Samuel Wiseman.
Description: 75 acres.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 71, 1822-1824, p. 408 (Reel 137).
Wood, Baily. grantee.
20 June 1823.
Location: Nicholas County.
Description: 30 acres on the ridge between Mill Creek and New River joining his survey of 220 acres which he purchased from Withrow and
Source: Land Office Grants No. 72, 1822-1826, p. 197 (Reel 138).
Married: Abt 1776 to Nancy Hicks
1799 Bailey Wood on Monroe Co VA tax list.
Aug 16 1803, Monroe Co VA deed book 1, Bailey Wood to William Graham 127 acres for $ 1.00 on Greenbrier River, ADJ. James Graham.
March 20 1804, Page 330-31, Monroe Co Deed Book, Bailey Wood and wife Nancy Wood to Robert Gwinn, 323 acres for five shillings, ADJ.
James Graham and James Gwinn
1810 Bailey Wood on Monroe Co VA Census
1810 Monroe
Bailey WOOD
1 male 26 to 45
1 female 16 to 26
1 female under 10
1 male under 10
Living on adjoining farms to William Withrow and Martin McGraw
Wood, Bailey View Image Online
State: Virginia Year: 1810
County: Monroe Roll: M252_70
Township: Monroe Page: 7
Image: 17
First Generation
1. Bailey , Sr1 Wood was born BET. 1755-1758. Bailey died ABT. 1826 in Monroe Co., (W)VA.
He married Nancy ? ABT. 1776.
1782 GREENBRIER CO. Personal Property Tax List: BAILEY WOOD 1 POLL, 0 SLAVES, 0 HORSES, 2 CATTLE, AMOUNT 9/0/0
1796 GREENBRIER CO.,WV Personal Property Tax List: BEALEY WOOD 1 POLL, 0 SLAVES 3 HORSES
Bailey , Sr Wood and Nancy ? had the following children:
+ 2 i. Nancy2 Wood was born BET. 1780-1790.
+ 3 ii. James Wood was born ABT. 1790.
+ 4 iii. William Wood was born ABT. 1777.
+ 5 iv. Susannah Wood was born 1776.
+ 6 v. Bailey , Jr Wood was born 1785.
+ 7 vi. Elizabeth Wood was born 1796.
+ 8 vii. Ida Wood was born 1798
Children of Bailey Wood and Nancy Hicks are:
+ 17 i. Susannah4 Wood, born 1776.
+ 18 ii. Nancy Wood, born Bet. 1780 - 1790 in VA; died July 01, 1833 in Fayette Co W VA.
+ 19 iii. Bailey Wood, born 1785 in VA.
+ 20 iv. James Wood, born Abt. 1790 in Greenbrier Co W VA; died 1858 in Fayette Co W VA.
+ 21 v. Elizabeth Wood, born 1796; died 1828.
22 vi. Ida Wood, born 1798.
15. William3 Wood (James2, James1) was born Abt. 1770 in VA, and died 1835 in Fayette Co VA. He married Mary "Ann" McGraw
June 03, 1800 in Monroe County, VA, daughter of Martin McGraw and Margareet. She was born 1780.
Notes for William Wood:
William and Ann were married by John Alderson, in Monroe Co VA, Monroe County VA, Minnister's return
Marriage Record for William Wood and Mary Anne McGraw. let you now that I merten and merget magraw is wiling that William Wood should
have our daughter mary ann: John Hutchason (Clerk) The above was sworn to by John Wood one at the wit. present
1810 US Census, Monroe Co VA William is listed, 1 male age 26-45, Wife 26-45, 1 son 10-16, 2 sons 0-10, 2 daughters 0-10, living next to
Martin Mcgraw, Bailey Wood, William Withrow.
Children of William Wood and Mary McGraw are:
23 i. Elijah4 Wood, born 1802.
Notes for Elijah Wood:
Nov 30 1840, Bailey and Eli Wood, Fayette Co VA 145 acres on ridge between Pine Spring Creek and
New River, Grants 91, pg 332
June 30 1847, Bailey and Eli Wood, Fayette Co VA., 20 acres on the cliffs of New River. Grant # 99,
pg 20
24 ii. Bailey Wood, born 1804.
25 iii. Mary Wood, born 1808.
26 iv. Margaret Wood, born 1809.
Generation No. 4
17. Susannah4 Wood (Bailey3, James2, James1) was born 1776. She married Richard Skaggs March 10, 1789. He was born Abt. 1775.
Children of Susannah Wood and Richard Skaggs are:
27 i. Frances5 Skaggs, born 1792.
28 ii. Joseph P Skaggs, born Abt. 1796.
29 iii. Sabina Skaggs, born 1802.
30 iv. Bailey Skaggs, born 1803.
31 v. Elizabeth Skaggs, born 1806.
32 vi. Susan Skaggs, born 1808.
33 vii. Jesse Skaggs, born 1809.
34 viii. Lucretia Skaggs, born 1810.
35 ix. Lucinda Skaggs, born 1817.
36 x. Nancy M Skaggs, born 1821.
37 xi. Mary Elizabeth Skaggs, born November 18, 1833.
18. Nancy4 Wood (Bailey3, James2, James1) was born Bet. 1780 - 1790 in VA, and died July 01, 1833 in Fayette Co W VA. She married
Martin McGraw May 03, 1806 in Monroe Co VA.
Children of Nancy Wood and Martin McGraw are:
38 i. T M5 McGraw, born 1808.
39 ii. Malinda McGraw, born 1810.
40 iii. Sarah McGraw, born 1811.
41 iv. Susannah McGraw, born 1816.
42 v. Martha McGraw, born 1819.
43 vi. Elizabeth McGraw, born 1820.
44 vii. Nancy S McGraw, born 1833.
19. Bailey4 Wood (Bailey3, James2, James1) was born 1785 in VA. He married Lucretia Skaggs 1807 in Monroe Co VA, daughter of
John Skaggs and Catherine Hicks. She was born 1794 in Monroe Co VA.
Notes for Bailey Wood:
Wood, Bailey. grantee.
30 November 1840.
Location: Fayette County (W. Va.).
Grantee(s): Wood, Bailey and Eli.
Description: 145 acres on ridge between Pine Spring Creek and New River.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 91, 1840-1841, p. 332 (Reel 157).
See also the following surname(s): Woods.
Wood, Amos. grantee.
30 March 1842.
Location: Fayette County (W. Va.).
Description: 258 acres on the waters of New River joining the land of Allen Wood, Bailey Wood and Nicholas Parrish.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 92, 1841-1842, p. 460 (Reel 158).
Woods, Bailey. grantee. (must be Bailey Jr.)
1 October 1851.
Location: Nicholas County.
Description: 100 acres on north side of Gauley River, above the mouth of Cramberry.
Source: Land Office Grants No. 106, 1851-1852, p. 273 (Reel 172).
See also the following surname(s): Wood.
Change Date: 17 FEB 2003 at 09:28:53
Children of Bailey Wood and Lucretia Skaggs are:
45 i. Eli5 Wood, born 1810.
46 ii. Ella Jane Wood, born 1812.
47 iii. John Wood, born 1814.
48 iv. Katherine Wood, born 1815.
49 v. Mary Wood, born 1818.
50 vi. George L Wood, born 1819.
51 vii. Marshall Wood, born 1829.
52 viii. David Wood, born 1832.
20. James4 Wood (Bailey3, James2, James1) was born Abt. 1790 in Greenbrier Co W VA, and died 1858 in Fayette Co W VA. He
married (1) Mary "Polly" Halstead April 26, 1810 in Monroe Co VA. She was born Bet. 1790 - 1800, and died Abt. 1840 in Fayette Co W
VA. He married (2) Mary A Carnafix March 09, 1841 in Fayette Co VA, daughter of William Carnafix and Elizabeth Miller. She was born
1804 in VA, and died Aft. 1870 in Fayette Co W VA.
Notes for James Wood:
I think James Wood and Mary Halstead were Wiley's parents. They are census records with a son born same time as Wiley. I have no proof of
this yet.
. James2 Wood (Bailey , Sr1) was born in Greenbrier Co (now Monroe Co), WV ABT. 1790. James died 1858 in Fayette Co., WV.
He married twice. He married Mary (Polly) Halstead ABT. 1812. Mary was born BET. 1790-1800. Mary died ABT. 1840 in Fayette Co., WV.
He married Mary A Carnafix in Fayette Co, (W)VA, March 9, 1841. Mary was born in VA ABT. 1804. Mary was the daughter of William
Carnafix and Elizabeth Miller. Mary died AFT. 1870 in Fayette Co., WV.
She married H Felix Ellison first and he died within 6 months of their marriage and before the 1840 census. The Ellison children on the 1850
census are her step-children from this marriage.
Land Grant for James Woods Monroe Co.,WV 9/29/1823 72 acres on the west end of Wolfe Creek Mountain, Joining the land of James Graham,
deceased and his own land. Grants 72 pg 454.
10, 2 FEMALES 16-26, 1 FEMALE 26-45
1830 NICHOLAS CO.,WV CENSUS JAMES WOODS 2 MALES 5-10, 1 MALE 10-15, 1 MALE 15-20, 1 MALE 40-50, 1 FEMALE 10-15, 1
FEMALE 15-20, 1 FEMALE 30-40
1840 FAYETTE CO.,WV CENSUS JAMES WOODS 2 MALES 15-20, 1 MALE 40-50, 1 FEMALE 20-30, 1 FEMALE 40-50
WOOD, W.B. 8
WOOD, WINAFRED 1 (Winfield Scott Wood)
SKAGGS, MILITRUS 27 FARMERbr> LYDIA 25 (Martha A Lydia Wood Skaggs)
WOODS, MARY 66 (Mary Carnafax Ellison Wood)
WOODS,CAROLINE 19 (Caroline Polly Wood dau of Mary)
WOODS, WINFIELD SCOTT 20 (Winfield Scott Wood son of Mary)
James Wood and Mary (Polly) Halstead had the following children:
21 v. Male Wood.
22 vi. Male Wood.
23 vii. Male Wood.I believe this is Wiley S Wood b Sept 1821.
24 viii. Female Wood.
+ 25 ix. Catherine S Wood was born 1817.
+ 26 x. James Harrison Wood was born March 1823
James Wood and Mary A Carnafix had the following children:
+ 17 i. Mary (Polly) Caroline3 Wood.
+ 18 ii. Washington Bailey Wood was born ABT. 1842.
19 iii. Martha A (Lydia) Wood.
+ 20 iv. Winfield Scott Wood was born July 1848.
Children of James Wood and Mary Halstead are:
53 i. Catherine S5 Wood, born 1817.
+ 54 ii. Wiley S Woods, born September 1821 in VA; died April 15, 1864 in Cass Co MI.
+ 55 iii. James Harrison Wood, born March 1823 in Fayette Co W VA.
56 iv. Male Wood, born 1825.
57 v. Male Wood, born 1827.
58 vi. Female Wood, born 1829.
Children of James Wood and Mary Carnafix are:
59 i. Mary "Polly" Caroline5 Wood.
60 ii. Martha A "Lydia" Wood.
61 iii. Washington Bailey Wood, born 1842.
62 iv. Winfield Scott Wood, born July 1848.
21. Elizabeth4 Wood (Bailey3, James2, James1) was born 1796, and died 1828. She married Samuel McGraw May 28, 1812 in Monroe
Co VA. He was born 1792 in VA.
Children of Elizabeth Wood and Samuel McGraw are:
63 i. Samuel5 McGraw.
64 ii. Nancy M McGraw, born 1815.
65 iii. William Alexander McGraw, born 1818.
66 iv. Irvin Henry McGraw, born 1828.
Generation No. 5
54. Wiley S5 Woods (James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born September 1821 in VA, and died April 15, 1864 in Cass Co MI.
He married Virginia Hinchman 1846, daughter of John Hinchman and Polina White. She was born December 31, 1825 in Boone Co VA, and
died May 15, 1858 in Cass Co MI.
Notes for Wiley S Woods:
Wiley and Virginia Hinchman Woods are my gg grandparents.
Wiley S Woods born Sept. 1821 in Virginia. Died April 15,1864 in Cass County Michigan.
In the 1840's Wiley Woods used to pick up, haul and deliver merchandise from Baltimore, with a wagon train made up of 6 to 12 teams of horses.
He hauled loads both ways, one way to Baltimore with goods and produce to exchange for commodities that could not be had in the country. The
wagons would be started and Wiley Woods would follow on horseback to take care of the caravan and exchange the country products when they
reached the market.
1843 Logan County W VA tax list, Wiley Wood, with 1 wooden Clock.
Roll of Company "C" First Regiment Kentucky, Mounted Volunteers, Mexican War.
May 25 1846, W.S.Wood, Rank Private, Mustered in on June 9 1846, in Louisville, KY for 1 year. W.S.Wood was a prisoner of war from
January 1847. He was mustered out in June 8,1847 in New Orleans, LA.
Wiley S Woods married Virginia Hinchman in ca 1847, and along with her parents and other members of the family, came by wagon train. Wiley
Woods was the Wagon Master.
1850 Cass County, Silvercreek twp., Mi census, shows Wiley Woods from VA, a farmer, with wife Virginia, and two daughters, Lucinda J age 3,
(I don't know why she was listed as Lucinda, her name was Penniah Jane}, and Sarah C age 6/12.
1860 Cass Co MI census, W.S. Woods, age 39, farmer, worth $800.00, and 100 acres of land, with daughter, Jane age 13, son John B. age 4, and
James age 2. Sarah Woods, age 9, is shown in household of Ebenozor Copley.
April 15,1864, Wiley S Woods died at age 43 years, 7 months and 19 days old. Wiley and his wife Virginia are buried in the California
Cemetery, in Silvercreek twp., Cass Co., MI.
April 25,1855 John K Hinchman and wife Peninah gave to daughter Virginia Woods 80 Acres in section 22 of Silvercreek twp.
Silas Ireland sold to Wiley S Wood 80 Acres in section 23, Silvercreek, twp.
William Hartzell sold to Wiley S Wood 80 Acres of land in section 23, Silvercreek twp.
Wiley S Wood and Virginia sold before 1858, 80 Acres of land in section 23 to John Stark, Silvercreek, twp.
Feb 8 1864, Wiley S Wood sold 80 Acres of land section 23 in Silvercreek, twp. to Patrick Moran.
Wiley S Woods and his brother-in-law Clement Hinchman both died on the sane day, April 15, 1864.
Their children Amanda Hinchman, Penniah Jane Woods, Sarah C Woods, John Burl Woods and James S Woods are all on probate records
together in Cass County, Michigan. William Hinchman and Thomas Easton, both brother-in-laws of Wiley were appointed Guardians of all the
Woods, John 45 Ireland
Woods, Mary 45 Ireland
Woods, Thomas 15 Ireland
Woods, Michael 13 Pennsylvania
Woods, Joanna 9 Pennsylvania
Woods, Catherine 7 Pennsylvania
Woods, William 3 Pennsylvania
Woods, Thomas 70 Ireland
More About Wiley S Woods:
Burial: California Cemetery, Cass county, Michigan
More About Virginia Hinchman:
Burial: California Cemetery, Cass county, Michigan
Children of Wiley Woods and Virginia Hinchman are:
+ 67 i. Penniah Jane6 Woods, born 1848 in Cass Co Mi.
+ 68 ii. Sarah Catherine Woods, born January 13, 1849 in CASS CO MI; died 1935 in STILLWATER OK.
+ 69 iii. John Burl Woods, born March 24, 1856 in Cass Co MI; died September 17, 1930 in Kalamazoo,MI.
70 iv. Amanda Woods, born 1858.
+ 71 v. James S Woods, born 1858 in Silvercreek TWP, Cass Co MI; died May 27, 1906 in Cass Co MI.
55. James Harrison5 Wood (James4, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born March 1823 in Fayette Co W VA. He married Nancy Wood
January 04, 1848 in Fayette Co VA.
Children of James Wood and Nancy Wood are:
72 i. Therista Emoline6 Wood, born 1849.
73 ii. Mildred J Wood, born 1851.
74 iii. Percilla D Wood, born September 30, 1852.
75 iv. Sarah Margaret Wood, born 1853.
76 v. Henry O Wood, born 1854.
77 vi. Florence J Wood, born 1856.
78 vii. Laurence Wood, born 1857.
79 viii. Eugene Wood, born 1858.
80 ix. Allen Levi Wood, born 1863.
81 x. Rosa Belle Wood, born 1865.
82 xi. Jeanie Wood, born 1869.
83 xii. Caroline Wood, born 1871.
84 xiii. Harvey Jackson Wood, born 1873.
Generation No. 6
67. Penniah Jane6 Woods (Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born 1848 in Cass Co Mi. She married David R
Johnson May 29, 1869 in Cass Co Mi. He was born Abt. 1835 in Canada.
Notes for Penniah Jane Woods:
1850 Penniah Woods is on 1850 Cass Co MI census listed as Lucinda, with her parents Wiley and Virginia Woods.
1860 Penniah "Jane", age 13 is on 1860 Cass Co Census with her father W S Woods.
April 20 1864 Peninah Jane is on Probate Records of Cass Co. State of Michigan with her brothers John B and James S, and sister Sarah on the
estate of her Father Wiley S Woods, with William Hinchman and Thomas Easton, brother-in-laws of Wiley, who were appointed guardians of the
April 15 1865 Penniah Jane Woods lived with her Aunt Nancy Averal, who was paid for board and schooling for Penniah by William Hinchman.
June 29 1869 Jane received remaining balance from her father Wiley S Woods estate.
1870 Peninah Woods on 1870 Hillsdale Co Mi Census.
Notes for David R Johnson:
American Civil War Soldiers Record
about David R Johnson
Name: David R Johnson ,
Residence: St Joseph County, Michigan
Enlistment Date: 06 August 1861
Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE
Side Served: Union
State Served: Michigan
Unit Numbers: 1114 1114 1114
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 06 August 1861 at the age of 24
Enlisted in Company C, 6th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 20 August 1861.
Missing on 05 August 1862 at Baton Rouge, LA
Reenlisted in Company C, 6th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 23 February 1864
Mustered out Company C, 6th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 20 August 1865 in New Orleans, LA
Name: David R. JOHNSON
Age: 45
Estimated birth year:
Birthplace: Canada
Occupation: Farmer
Relation: Self
Home in 1880: Aetna, Mecosta, Michigan
Marital status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Head of household: David R. JOHNSON
Father's birthplace: Canada
Mother's birthplace: Canada Parents b Canada
Jane Wife 36 Keeping house Parents b New York
Bertha dau 12 b Mi
Charles son 8 b Mi
Claude son 4 b Mi
Land Office: REED CITY
Sequence #: 1
Document Number: 4627
Total Acres: 80
Misc. Doc. Nr.: 6616
Signature: Yes
Canceled Document: No
Issue Date: March 2, 1882
Mineral Rights Reserved: No
Metes and Bounds: No
Statutory Reference: 12 Stat. 392
Multiple Warantee Names: No
Act or Treaty: May 20, 1862
Multiple Patentee Names: No
Entry Classification: Homestead Entry Original
Children of Penniah Woods and David Johnson are:
85 i. Bertha7 Johnson, born 1869.
86 ii. Charles Johnson, born 1872.
87 iii. Claude Johnson, born 1876.
68. Sarah Catherine6 Woods (Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born January 13, 1849 in CASS CO MI, and died
1935 in STILLWATER OK. She married (1) Daniel Palmer Nichols February 01, 1871 in MILLINGTON, KENDALL CO, IL. He was born
March 26, 1836 in DUTCHESS COUNTY, NEW YORK, and died 1890 in ILL. She married (2) Ebenezer Lewis Abt. 1920 in OK. He was
born July 12, 1844 in In, and died January 17, 1931 in Payne Co., Stillwater Twp., Oklahoma.
Notes for Sarah Catherine Woods:
1850 Sarah is on 1850 Cass Co Census with her parents Wiley S Woods and Virginia Hinchman Woods.
1860 Cass Co Census, Sarah Woods age 9 is listed in Household of Ophelie Copley.
April 20 1864 State of Michigan, Probate Records, Sarah is listed with her brothers John B and James S, and sister Peninah Jane Woods, in the
estate is their father Wiley S Woods estate, with William Hinchman and Thomas Eastan,who were appointed guardians. They were brother-inlaws
to Wiley.
State: IL Year: 1870
County: Cook County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: 18 W. Chicago Page: 036
Database: IL 1870 Federal Census Index
Feb. 15 1871 Sarah Nicholes, nee Woods, received $42.79 from her father Wiley S Woods estate.
Lewis, Sarah C
Age: 82 Year: 1930
Birthplace: Roll: T626_1925
Race: Page: 6A
State: Oklahoma ED: 31
County: Payne Image: 0727
Township: Stillwater
Relationship: Wife
Notes for Daniel Palmer Nichols:
State: NY Year: 1840
County: Dutchess County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: Poughkeepsie Village Page: 583
Database: NY 1840 Federal Census Index
Nickles, Daniel View Image Online
State: New York Year: 1850
County: Dutchess Roll: M432_497
Township: Poughkeepsie Page: 126
Image: 197
State: NY Year: 1860
County: Dutchess County Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Township: 3 W. Poughkeepsie Page: 161
Database: NY 1860 Federal Census Index
By Elmer Dickson
The following items are indexes only. Copies of the originals may be viewed at the Kendall County Historical Society Library in Yorkville,
Illinois, as well as other libraries scattered about Kendall County. The LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah holds copies of some
of the earlier Biographical Records. Microfilmed copies may be obtained through your local LDS Family History Branch Library.
Surname Give
Notes for Ebenezer Lewis:
Lewis, Ebenezer
Age: 85 Year: 1930
Birthplace: Indiana Roll: T626_1925
Race: White Page: 6A
Sarah C Wife age 82 Father b NY Mother B VA
Gudgel, Charle H age 53 grand son-in-law
Grace A age 45 granddaughter
Cecil P age 21 great grandson
State: Oklahoma ED: 31
County: Payne Image: 0727
Township: Stillwater
Relationship: Head
Buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Payne County, Stillwater twp., Oklahoma.
I believe Sarah C is buried beside him in unmarked grave.
Children of Sarah Woods and Daniel Nichols are:
88 i. WILLIAM7 NICHOLS, born 1872.
+ 89 ii. JAMES P NICHOLS, born 1873 in Kendall County IL.
90 iii. John G Nichols, born 1874 in IL; died 1964 in Kane Co IL. He married Estella S; born 1874; died
1949 in Kane Co IL.
Notes for John G Nichols:
Riverside Cemetery
Montgomery, Kane County, Illinois
Nichols, Estella S., b. 1874, d. 1949
Nichols, John G., b. 1874, d. 1964
91 iv. EVA NICHOLS, born 1875.
92 v. MARY ELIZABETH NICHOLS, born April 03, 1881.
+ 93 vi. Grace Alberta Nichols, born July 13, 1884 in Il; died February 15, 1976 in Stillwater, Payne Co OK.
69. John Burl6 Woods (Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born March 24, 1856 in Cass Co MI, and died September
17, 1930 in Kalamazoo,MI. He married (1) Helen M Vanderhoof December 26, 1878 in Decatur MI, daughter of William Vanderhoof and
Lodema Nash. She was born March 25, 1859 in Ionia Co MI, and died May 27, 1897 in Decatur MI. He married (2) Susie Depew July 08,
1900 in Decatur MI, daughter of George Depew and Mary Vanderhoof. She was born 1865.
Notes for John Burl Woods:
John B Woods on 1860 Cass Co. Silver Creek twp census with father WS Woods, age 4, born in MI.
John B Woods on probate records in Cass Co Mi., with sisters Peninah J., Sarah C., and brother James, for the estate of his father Wiley S Woods,
who died April 15,1864. His uncles William W Hinchman and Thomas Easton were appointed Guardians April 20,1864.
John B Woods, son of Wiley Woods on 1870 Cass Co. Newburg twp.age 14, living with his Aunt and Uncle Isaac S Pound and Elizabeth
Hinchman Pound.
Sept 9 1878 John B Woods received $140.00, the balance from his fathers estate.
State of Michigan, County of VanBuren, John B Woods age 24, and Helen M Vanderhoof, age 20 were married on Dec. 26,1878 by John W.H.
Carlisle, Clergyman. Wittnesses, Rosita Hoppin and Lovinia Hoppin.
John B Woods and Wife Helen Vanderhoof, along with their son Sherban, went with Helen's Parents William and Ann Vanderhoof to the Dakota
Territory. These families were one of many from Cass Co MI. to be attracted by the Westward movement. Mr. Vanderhoof had contacted his
brother, who had gone on ahead, to buy a claim for him in Dakota Territory, near the settlement of Madison, now in SD. In the latter part of
August in 1880, the Vanderhoof and Woods families left in covered wagons to travel over 700 miles to their home. It took them 6 weeks to make
the trip, but without any serious difficulties.
They drove a Studebaker wagon on the box of which was fastened a row of hoops. Over these was stretched a heavy canvas, which protected them
from from rain and the heat of the sun. The wagon was filled with articles needed for the trip and there was still room for the women and children
to sleep in it. John Woods drove another wagon where the men slept.
They left their Decatur home located a mile west of the village on what is now M-40. Their first stop was at the Code school, where they said
good-bye to the teacher, Miss Mary Caldwell and their school mates. They next stopped at the Christie and Bradley farms, at Mile Ryans and the
They drove on to the Johns home in Silvercreek, where they spent the night. The next day they drove to Niles and spent the night with a relative,
George Hoppin. This was the last they spent at a house until they reached Gilman, Iowa, where they spent the night with another relative.
They drove through rain and mud the first ten days, and camping by the roadside was far from pleasant. A two burner stove and oven enabled the
woman to provide meals. It was very hard work. After supper was over and the horses feed and groomed, the families sat around the campfire and
enjoyed an hour or two of rest and comfort until bedtime. Mr Vanderhoof would read a chapter from the bible and say a prayer, before retired
under the canvas for the night. Jack the big black and white dog would curl up under the wagon where the women and children slept.
The two wagons were placed close together, and only once did they feel any danger from prowlers. Jack's angry growls kept them away. The
horses were tied to the backs of the wagons.
The farmers along the sold them grain and hay and milk and vegetables. One of the great events for the children was crossing the Mississippi
Mr Vanderhoof's membership in the Odd Fellows Lodge was a great help to them. The Pin he wore on his coat lapel brought them many friendly
greetings and questions about their trip.
At Gilman Iowa they enjoyed for the third time another night of sleeping in a bed at relatives. They started out the next day, and in another week
to ten days reached LaVeme, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Vanderhoof's son, David worked in a store there, and helped make their stay peasant.
The travelers were nearing their destination. After leaving LaVeme came Dell Rapids, Dakota Territory, then Madison, and then Herman, on a
pretty lake of the same name. When driving into Herman, they saw ties being laid for the railroad, and thought their goods that they had shipped
from Decatur would be arriving soon, but they had to wait many months for them.
A group of Odd Fellows and other gathered and directed them to their claim.
Their winter in Dakota Territory was the hardest they had ever experienced, excepting the terrible blizzard of 1886. I think they were there for
about eight years before returning to Decatur, VanBuren, MI. While in Dakota Territory, the had three more sons, Clarence B., James and John
After returning to VanBuren Co., they had four more children, Carrie, Harry, Harold and Violet.
Helen Woods died while giving birth to Violet on May 27,1897 in Decatur.
April 8,1898 Warren L. & Susie Veach sold land to John B Woods, NW 1/4 NE 1/4, section 20 VanBuren Co MI. Deed recorded June 13,1898.
State of Michigan County of Cass John B Woods, age 45 and Susie Morris, age 35, both widowed, were married on July 8,1900 by J Henry
Hammond, Clergyman. Witnesses were, Rose Debolt and Clara Hammond.
Feb 18 1904 John B Woods sold Land to William Vanderhoof, NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 20 Vanburen Co MI. Deed recorded Feb 24 1904.
April 19,1905 Elias Thompson sold land to John B Woods, Lot 11, BLK F, Decatur. Deed recorded April 20,1905.
March 3 1906 John B Woods sold land to William A Graham and Roxana, Lot 11, BLK F, Decatur. Deed recorded August 24,1906.
March 12, 1907 John B Woods sold land to George Delong, NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 20. Deed recorded March 19 1907.
April 23,1908 Andrew J Johnson and Rosaline M sold land to John B Woods NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 20. Deed recorded Sept 4,1908.
Sept 10 1908 John B Woods sold land to Thomas Dawker and Mary NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Section 20. Deed recorded Sept 12,1908.
March 30 1910 Sophia P DeLong sold land to John B Woods NW 1/4 NE 1/4 section 20. Deed recorded April 8 1910.
April 6 1912 Andres J Johnson and Rosaline sold land to John B Woods Lot 3,4 BLK 22 Decatur. Deed recorded April 08 1912.
Jan 26 1914 John B Woods sold land to John W Woods and Eva c. L3,4 BLK-22, Decatur. Deed recorded Jan 28,1914.
John B Woods and Susie Morris Woods divorced, but I don't have a date.
My Dad, George Woods only remembers seeing Grampa John B Woods once, when dad was about 4 or 5 years old. Grampa let his sit on his lap
and play with a pocket watch he had. My dad just loved the watch, and Grampa told him when he grew up he could have the watch. But when
Grampa died the watch just seemed to have disappeared.
Aunt Ica and Aunt Madeline told me about Great Grampa John B Woods getting trampled by a horse. He was not suppose to go into the stall with
this horse, and he had been warned, this this horse was dangerous. Well Grampa who always liked to give horses carrots, walked into the stall
anyway with a carrot for the horse. He fed the carrot to the horse, and then the horse reared Straight into the air and came down on grampa. The
horse kept rearing and stomping grampa. Grampa was all broken up and blinded because and they took him to Ann Arbor Hospital. He was there
about three weeks. Uncle Clarence went and got him and took him to his home in Kalamazoo. Grampa was there about three weeks before he
Woods, John b
Age: 67 Year: 1920
Birthplace: Michigan Roll: T625_799
Race: White Page: 3A
John W son age 33
Eva S daughter-in-law age 27
Ica R granddaughter age 6
Madeline S granddaughter age 3
Roland G grandson age 1
State: Michigan ED: 188
County: Van Buren Image: 0260
Township: Decatur
Woods, John B
Age: 74 Year: 1930
Birthplace: Michigan Roll: T626_1028
Race: White Page: 8A
Valued 1,500.00
Lived on South Street
State: Michigan ED: 14
County: Van Buren Image: 0852
Township: Decatur
Relationship: Head
John Woods was born on the 24th of
March, 1856, in Silver Creek township,
county of Cass, and died September
17,1930, at the home of his son in
He was the son of Burel and Artie
hinchman Woods. In 1878 he was
united in marriage to Helen Vanderhoof
of Hamilton township. To
this union were born eight children
of whom three survive. They are
Clarence B Woods of Kalamazoo,
John W Woods of Lansing, and
Carrie Baldwin of Battle Creek.
Ten grandchildren also survive,
besides other relatives, and many
Funeral services were held in the
Methodist Church, Decatur, last Sunday.
Rev. E.C. Finkbeiner officiating.
Burial followed in Hamilton Cemetery.
John Woods was a resident of Decatur
for many years. He was a quiet man,
always pleasant, industrious and a
good citizen. He met the problems
of life to the best of his ability, and
seldom if ever complained.
More About John Burl Woods:
Burial: Hamilton Cemetery, Vanburen County, Mi
Notes for Helen M Vanderhoof:
Helen M Vanderhoof, daughter of William
and Lodema Vanderhoof, was born in the
town of Keene, Ionia County, Michigan,
March 25,1859, and died May 27,1897.
At the age of 5 she moved to Hamilton
with her parents. In the year of 1877
she united with the Methodist Church in
Decatur. In 1878 she was married to
John B. Woods. She was the mother of
eight children, six sons and two daughters,
two sons proceeded her to the
other world. In 1880 she moved to
Madison, Dakota. After living there
eight years, they moved to Dowagiac,
then returning to Hamilton, where she
lived until her death.
Mrs Woods was a quiet, lovable women.
a kind wife and an affectionate mother.
Durning her long illness she was ever
cheerful, hopeful and patient, bearing
her suffering with great fortitude. Besides
her parent and family, she leaves
a large circle of friends and neighbors
to mourn her loss.
The funeral took place at Hamilton hall
Sunday, May 30th, at 11 o'clock a.m.,
conducted by Elder-J.H. Hammond of
Decatur. The respect and sympathy of
friends and neighbors was manifested
by the large attendance and floral offerings
that decorated the casket. Notwithstanding
the cold disagreeable day, fifty teams formed
the long procession that followed the loved
form to the beautiful Hamilton Cemetery,
where her sleeping dust was laid to wait
the resurrection morn.
"Brief death and darkness endless life
and light,
Brief divining, endless abining in yon
Where all is incorruptible and pure,
The joy without the pain, the smile
without the tear."
More About Helen M Vanderhoof:
Burial: Hamilton Cemetery, Vanburen County, Mi
Children of John Woods and Helen Vanderhoof are:
94 i. Sherban7 Woods, born 1879.
+ 95 ii. Clarence Burl Woods, born April 04, 1883 in Madison SD; died June 27, 1978 in Kalamazoo,MI.
96 iii. James Woods, born 1886.
+ 97 iv. John Wiley Woods, born April 16, 1887 in Madison SD; died January 28, 1936 in Lansing MI.
+ 98 v. Carrie Woods, born May 02, 1889 in CASS COUNTY MI; died October 22, 1957 in CALHOUN CO
99 vi. Harry Woods, born 1892.
100 vii. Harold Woods, born January 31, 1895 in Hamilton twp. MI; died June 17, 1909 in Hamilton twp. MI.
Notes for Harold Woods:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Harold Woods age 14 years and a son of John
B Woods of this village, was shot and killed by
his playmate, Beryl Adams, also age 14 years, at
the Woods farm in Hamilton twp. last Thursday
shortly after noon.
The boys had accompanied John B Woods to
the farm and had assisted him in doing some
farm work during the forenoon. They ate their
dinner in the old house upon the farm. After
dinner John B Woods went out of the house,
byt before going out told the boys not to touch
a shotgun that was standing in the corner, as
it was loaded. The boys then began talking
about the gun and each asserted that he was
not afraid of it. The Adams boy reached around
from a milkcan he was sitting
to show Harold he was not afraid of it, hit it.
Harold punched it with a old buggy spoke when
he moved his hands. The gun exploded, the
charge striking Harold in the left cheek,passing
upward and lodged in his brain at the top of
the head.
John B Woods hearing the explosion, looked
in the door just in time to see his son fall.
The Adams boy cannot tell whether the gun
slipped from his hands and he caused the
explosion or whether Harold caused by
striking it with the buggy spoke.
No blame is attached to the Adams boy, except
that of his disobedience to the order
of John B Woods not to touch the gun and
of extreme carelessness, and the same
blame would attach to the to the dead boy.
Harold Woods lived with his father in Decatur
Village. Buryl Adams is a son of Charles Adams
of Dowagiac, but has been in the charge of his
guardian S,P. Ball of Wayne twp. for sometime
past, his mother having died some three years
ago. Mr Ball had secured him a home in the
family of E.F. Baxter of Hamilton twp., where
he resided at the time of the accident.
The day before the accident young Adams
came to visit Harold with Mr. and Mrs. Baxter.
When they were ready to go home they could
not find him and returned without him. He
stayed all night with the Woods boy and the next
day went to the farm with Harold and his father.
No coronor's inquest was held; It was not deemed
The funeral services of the dead boy were held
at the Methodist Church in Decatur Sunday at 2:30
o"clock. His burial was in Hamilton Cemetery.
Harold G Woods was born Jan.31,1895, in Hamilton twp.
He died June 17,1909. Aged 14 years, 4 months and
7 days. When he was two years old his darling mother
died. He then went to live with his Aunt, Mrs. Pound until
he was six years old. In 1899 his father was again
married, making a home for his children, and Harold
came home to live, where he has been for the
greater part of the intervening time.
Harold was a happy bright faced boy, with a
smile for everybody.
His neighbors all loved him for his sweet
On Wed. night a companion stayed with Harold
at his home and in company with the father and
brother they went to the farm on Thursday. At
noon playing in the yard with his friend, Harold
was accidentally shot through the head and fell
at his companions feet dead.
He leaves to mourn his father, one sister and
two brothers, and a host of friends in the neighberhood
of his Aunt where he spent six years of
his life. His funeral was held in the Methodist
Church on Sunday at 2:30. Rev. J.W. Davids
officiating. We laid his body away in Hamilton
We desire to express our sincere thanks
to our many friends who assisted in our
sad bereavement and showed us so much
John B Woods and Family
101 viii. Violet Woods, born 1897.
71. James S6 Woods (Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born 1858 in Silvercreek TWP, Cass Co MI, and died May
27, 1906 in Cass Co MI. He married Hattie L Hickmott December 22, 1882 in Cass Co MI, daughter of Daniel Hickmott and Mary Evans. She
was born October 06, 1863 in Pipestone twp.,Berrien Co., MI, and died August 19, 1954 in Eau Claire, MI.
Notes for James S Woods:
James was born in 1858, and a sister Amanda was also born same year. I think they could possibly be twins. Also their mother Virginia
Hinchman Woods died in 1858. I don't know if she died at time of birth, or after.
June 12 1860 James Woods age 2, is on 1860 census of Silvercreek twp., Cass Co Mi., with his father W S Woods and Brother John B. age 4, and
sister Jane age 13. His sister Sarah is listed in the household of Ophelie Copley. She is age 9.
State of Michigan, Probate Court for said County of Cass. James S Woods is listed along with his brother John B Woods, and two sisters Peninah
Jane and Sarah C. in the estate of his father Wiley S Woods, who died April 15,1864. Wiley's brother-in-law's William Hinchman and Thomas
Easton were appointed guardians April 20 1864.
March 17 1877 James S. Woods received from William Hinchman, his Guardian,
$158.00, his share from his father, Wiley S Woods estate.
Dec 22 1882 James S Woods age 24, from Silver Creek, Cass Co Mi. and Hattie Hickmott age 19 from Bainbridge, Berrien Co Mi were married
in Dowagic, Cass Co Mi by William H Thompson, Minister of the Gospel. Witnesses were Mrs. M H Thompson and Miss Chillie Bowling.
April 10 1901 Cassopolis Times
That is the verdict Secured in Circuit
Court .
CASSOPOLIS April 08- (Special to the Times)
In the case of James S Woods vs. the estate
of John Jones,/ the plaintiff was awarded a
verdict of $780.00 in Circuit Court here
this morning. The case went to jury shortly
before noon and it required 15 minutes to
reach a verdict.
The case was an appeal from the Probate
Court. About three years ago the widow of
John Jones died, leaving quite a valuable
estate. Woods who is the proprietor of
Marguerite Mills. of Silver Creek, and a
boy raised by the Jone's, filed a claim
for about $1800.00, claiming the same
for seven years work performed while at
the Jones home after his marriage. C.E.
Sweet was attorney for the plaintiff while
C.W. Hendryx appeared for the estate.
The case will go to the supreme Court..
Dowagiac Mich. Friday Evening May 25,1906
James Woods Seriously Injured This Afternoon
James Woods fell from the new barn under
erection at the David Welsh farm in Silver Creek
this noon and was seriously injured. Only meagre
details were obtainable up to this hour.
Mr. Woods, who is proprietor of the Marguerite
Flouring Mills, was assisting on the barn when
the accident happened. The fall occurred about
1 o'clock, and a messenger was sent at once to
this city for medical assistance.
At the late hour this afternoon the information
was received that Mr. Wood was knocked from
the building by being struck with a falling timber.
He fell twelve feet.
Dr. W.W. Easton was called and found two ribs
broken. He is also suffering with concussion of
the brain and may be hurt internally.
It is too early to determine if his injuries will
prove fatal.
James Woods of Silver Creek
expired Sunday May 27,1906.
He suffered internal injuries from
his fall from the Welsh barn.
James Woods, the Silver Creek Miller,
died Sunday morning at 11 o'clock of his
injuries received Friday while at work on
the new barn at the David Welsh farm.
Internal injured caused death. Mr. Woods
head cleared up and he was conscious up
to 10 minutes before death.
The accident happened at 1 o'clock Friday.
Mr Woods was assisting in raising a plate
into position from a scaffolding when the
timber got away from them and fell, one end
of it striking Mr Woods a glancing blow on
the collar bone, breaking two ribs as it fell.
The blow knocked him to the ground several
feet below. It was the internal injuries received
in the fall that caused death.
The barn where the accident happened is
only a short distance from Marguerite Mills,
of which Mr Woods was proprietor.
The deceased was nearly 48 years of age
and he leaves a wife and two children.
Crane Cemetery
first row
Daniel Hickmott Daniel age 52 y 8 m 18 d Nov 9 1880
Mary Ann Evans wf Daniel
age 45 y 2 m Aug 28 1886
Cora infant
James S Woods 1858 1906
Wm W. 1887 1915
More About James S Woods:
Burial: Crane Cemetery
Notes for Hattie L Hickmott:
Name: Hattie L. Hickmott 1 2
Sex: F
Birth: 6 OCT 1863 in Pipestone twp., Berrien Co., MI 1 3 2
Death: 19 AUG 1954 in Eau Claire, MI 3 1 2
Residence: ABT 1951 Home of daughter in Eau Claire, MI 3 2
Residence: 1882 Silver Creek twp., MI 3 2
Residence: ABT 1907 Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., MI 4 2
Burial: Dewey Lake cem. 3 2
Medical Information: Was bedridden for 10 years before death. 3 2
Note: Given name may have been Harriet as it's listed as such on one family information paper, possibly written by Flora Hickmott.
Title: Hickmott, Hattie. Obituary
Publication: August 20, 1954
Media: Newspaper
Title: Hickmott, Hattie. Obituary
Publication: August 20, 1954
Media: Newspaper
Text: "After her husband died, Mrs. Woods moved to Benton Harbor, where she lived until becoming seriously ill three years ago."
1930 Federal Census
ED 13, p. 15A, res. 375, 612 or 672 Empire Ave.
Benton Ha rbor, Berrien Co., MI:
Moore, Warner, Z., owns res. worth $6,000, radio, 38, m . @ 22, MI MI
MI, house carpenter
Lila W., 39, m. @ 23, MI MI MI
Burl, 9, M I MI MI
Smith, Michael, lodger, 73, wid., OH US US, grinder at malleable iron
Woods, Hattie, mother-in-law, 65, wid., MI Eng. MI
Given name may have been H arriet as it's listed as such on one family
information paper, possibly writt en by Flora Hickmott.
Hattie Hickmott Woods is listed as the owner of Lot 146, Dewey Lake
cem., sec. 6, Silver Creek twp., Cass Co., MI. Five members of the
Nostrant family are buried there: Hiram (1846-1909), Martha (1852-1908),
Estella (1881), Peter (1873-1876), Effie (1867-1869), baby boy (1869).
Th e listing may be in error.
More About Hattie L Hickmott:
Burial: Dewey Lake Cemetery
Children of James Woods and Hattie Hickmott are:
102 i. Baby7 Woods.
Notes for Baby Woods:
Buried Crane Cemetery
103 ii. Willie Woods, born October 1887; died 1915.
Notes for Willie Woods:
Buried Crane Cemetery.
+ 104 iii. Lila W Woods, born November 02, 1890 in Michigan; died September 08, 1969 in Michigan.
Generation No. 7
89. JAMES P7 NICHOLS (Sarah Catherine6 Woods, Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born 1873 in Kendall
County IL. He married Margarite O'Harro.
Child of JAMES NICHOLS and Margarite O'Harro is:
105 i. Bessie8 Nichols. She married Ray V Cowell.
93. Grace Alberta7 Nichols (Sarah Catherine6 Woods, Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born July 13, 1884 in Il,
and died February 15, 1976 in Stillwater, Payne Co OK. She married Charles Henry Gudgel January 20, 1900 in Willington IL, son of Jacob
Gudgel and Mary Witherspoon. He was born August 05, 1876 in Oakland City, Gibson, In, and died December 31, 1959 in Stillwater, Payne Co
Notes for Grace Alberta Nichols:
Buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery
Notes for Charles Henry Gudgel:
1920 United States Federal Census
Gudgel, Charles H
Age: 42 Year: 1920
Birthplace: Indiana Roll: T625_1482
Race: White Page: 4A
Grace A wife age 35
Glen W son age 13
Cecil P son age 10
State: Oklahoma ED: 192
County: Payne Image: 0938
Township: Stillwater
Gudgel, Charles H
Age: 53 Year: 1930
Birthplace: Indiana Roll: T626_1925
Race: White Page: 6A
Living in household of
Lewis, Ebinger Head of household age 85
Sarah C Wife age 82
Gudgel, Charles H Grand son-in-law age 53
Grace A wife age 45
Cecil P great grandson age 21
State: Oklahoma ED: 31
County: Payne Image: 0727
Township: Stillwater
Relationship: Grand Son In Law
Buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery
Children of Grace Nichols and Charles Gudgel are:
106 i. Alma8 Gudgel, born May 09, 1901 in KANSAS; died November 23, 1917 in Stillwater, Payne Co OK.
Notes for Alma Gudgel:
Buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery
107 ii. Glen W Gudgel, born 1907 in STILLWATER,PAYNE OK.
108 iii. Daniel Gudgel, born February 03, 1909 in STILLWATER,PAYNE OK.
109 iv. Cecil P Gudgel, born 1910.
95. Clarence Burl7 Woods (John Burl6, Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born April 04, 1883 in Madison SD, and
died June 27, 1978 in Kalamazoo,MI. He married Margaret "Maggie" Foster. She was born April 14, 1884.
Notes for Clarence Burl Woods:
Name: Clarence B Woods
Gender: Male
County: Lake
Mother's Name: Helen Vanderhoof
Father's Name: John B Woods
Birth Date: April 04, 1883
File Date: April 27, 1942
World War I Draft Cards
Name: Clarence Burl Woods
City: Not Stated
County: Van Buren
State: Michigan
Birth Date: 4 Apr 1883
Race: White
Roll: 1682902
DraftBoard: 0
Mr Clarence B. Woods Sr., Passed
away Tuesday morning at Borgess
Hospital. Born April 4,1883 in Madison
Dakota Territory, son of John B.
and Helen Vanderhoof Woods. He
had lived in the Keeler area before
coming to Kalamazoo. He was a
wheel balancer and worked at Clarage
Fan until his retirement in 1952.
Surviving are: two sons, Howard J.
and Clarence B. Woods Jr., both
of Kalamazoo; one daughter Mrs.
Delbert R. {Burnice) Yohnke of
Kalamazoo; four grandchildren,
several nieces,nephews and cousins.
A daughter Mrs. Joe (Myrtle K) Budney
preceded him in death in 1977. Friends
are being received at the
Funeral Home
where services will be held Friday
at 11 AM, Rev. Spencer Spaulding
officiating. Interment Riverside
Name: Clarence Woods
SSN: 368-01-5935
Last Residence: 49001 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States of America
Born: 4 Apr 1883
Last Benefit: 49001 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States of America
Died: Jun 1978
State (Year) SSN issued: Michigan (Before 1951 )
Children of Clarence Woods and Margaret Foster are:
110 i. Clarence B8 Woods. He married Beth Lenor Roberts June 26, 1937.
111 ii. Burnice Woods. She married Delbert R Yohnke; born June 25, 1914; died November 04, 1986 in Ann
Arbor, Michigan.
Notes for Delbert R Yohnke:
Name: Delbert Yohnke
SSN: 384-10-0481
Last Residence: 49001 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States of America
Born: 25 Jun 1914
Died: Nov 1986
State (Year) SSN issued: Michigan (Before 1951 )
Name: Delbert R YOHNKE
Birth Date: 25 Jun 14
Death Date: 04 November 86
Gender: Male
Residence: Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Place of Death: Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan
112 iii. Howard J Woods, born February 04, 1907 in Detroit,MI; died October 16, 2000 in Kalamazoo, MI. He
married Gwendolyn Mae Mearing.
Notes for Howard J Woods:
February 4,1907 - October 16,2000
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Date of Visitation Oct. 17,2000
Time of Visitation 6:00 PM
Date of Service Oct. 18,2000
Time of Service 1:00 PM
Howard was born in Detroit, MI. In 1929 he became a motion picture projectionist
and was employed with several theaters. He attended Stockbridge Ave. United
Methodist Church. He is survived by his wife Gwendolyn and 2 sons. Friends may spend time with
the family from 6-8 p.m. at the Langeland Family Funeral
Homes Memorial Chapel, 622 S. Burdick St., 616-343-1508. Services will be held at the Stockbridge
Ave. United Methodist Church, 1331 Race St. with Rev. John
McNaughton officiating. Private Family interment will follow in Mt. Ever-Rest Cemetery. Memorial
contributions may be made to Hospice of Greater Kalamazoo, or Stockbridge Ave. United Methodist
113 iv. Myrtle K Woods, born May 06, 1909; died June 1977 in Mattawan, VanBuren CO. MI. She married
Joe Budney.
97. John Wiley7 Woods (John Burl6, Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born April 16, 1887 in Madison SD, and died
January 28, 1936 in Lansing MI. He married Eva Coulson October 20, 1913 in Decatur MI, daughter of George Coulson and Ica Ettinger. She
was born December 25, 1892 in Pawpaw,MI, and died April 29, 1977 in Lansing MI.
Notes for John Wiley Woods:
John Wiley Woods was born April 16,1887 on the homestead of John and Helen Woods, on the prairie near Madison, Dakota Territory. At that
time there was no laws saying you had to record a birth, and his birth was never recorded. I have never been able to obtain a birth record.
While living in Dakota territory, John and Helen Woods lived in a house built on the side of a hill, with a sod roof. One day Grampa John's
horses ran away, and ran on top of the sod roof and fell through, John Wiley Woods was in a little swing, that his father had made for him, and it
hung from the ceiling, at the time the horses came through, and they just missed coming through on him. A very close call.
Gramma Helen Woods used to bake her bread, everyday, and the Indians who lived near by would smell her bread and come and stand at the edge
of their yard, and she would always give them loaves of her bread. The Indians loved this. Aunt Ica and Aunt Madaline said this was related to
them by Uncle Clarence Woods.
1910 PawPaw, Vanburen County, Michigan Census
Beals, Nelson D head m w 55 b Mi f b Oh m b Oh farmer
Martha C wife f w 55 b Mi f b NY m b NY
Ray son m w 28 b Mi
Edna dau f w 14 b Mi
Name: John W Woods handyman m w 28 b SD f b MI m b Mi farm labor
Age in 1910: 23
Estimated birth year: 1886
Birthplace: South Dakota
Home in 1910: PAW PAW TWP, Van buren, Michigan
State of Michigan, Van Buren County, Pawpaw, John W Woods, age 26, and Eva Coulson, age 20 were married Oct. 20,1913 by Wm. Killefer,
Justice of the Peace.
Witnesses, Emory Squire and M.M. Southworth.
Jan 26 1914 John B Woods sold land to John W Woods and Eva C. L3,4 BLK-22 Decatur. Deed recorded Jan 28 1914.
World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record
about John Woods Jr.
Name: John Woods Jr.
City: Not Stated
County: Van Buren
State: Michigan
Birthplace: South Dakota;United States of America
Birth Date: 16 Apr 1887
Race: White
Roll: 1682902
DraftBoard: 0
March 1 1919 John W Woods and Eva C sold land to Citizens State Bank, L3,4 Blk-22, Decatur. Deed recorded Nov 12 1920.
Woods, John b
Age: 67 Year: 1920
Birthplace: Michigan Roll: T625_799
Race: White Page: 3A
John W son age 33
Eva S daughter-in-law age 27
Ica R granddaughter age 6
Madeline S granddaughter age 3
Roland G grandson age 1
State: Michigan ED: 188
County: Van Buren Image: 0260
Township: Decatur
Woods, John Worth 2000.00 Not employed Poor Health
Age: 42 Year: 1930 House # 192
Birthplace: South Dakota Roll: T626_990
Race: White Page: 8B
Eva Wife age 38 b Mi Dormitory Girls Matron
Ica dau age 15 b Mi
Madeline dau age 14 b Mi
Georgie son age 11 b Mi
State: Michigan ED: 10
City of Lansing
Thompson Street
County: Ingham Image: 0495
Township: Lansing
Relationship: Head
John W. Woods, 48 of 818 Johnson Avenue,
Lansing, died at a local hospital Tuesday
evening, January 28, following a lingering
illness. He had been a resident of Lansing
for the past ten years, having gone there
from Decatur. He is survived by the widow,
Eva; two daughters, Mrs Ica Fowler, of Gleason,
Tenn., Mrs Madeline Pittman of Lansing, one
son, George Woods of Lansing; one brother,
Clarence Woods of Kalamazoo, and one sister
Mrs Carrie Baldwin of Battle Creek.
The body lay in state at the Goraline-
Runcimen funeral home until Thursday
morning at 10 o'clock, and funeral services
were held from the M.E. church at Decatur
at 1:30 o'clock. Interment was in the Harrison
cemetery at Decatur.
Older residents of Decatur will remember the
Woods family and also the George Coulson
family of which Mrs. Woods was a member.
They were known here as good substantial
Christian people.
Among the relatives who accompanied the
body of John Woods to Decatur and attended
the funeral services were the widow, Mrs Eva
Coulson Woods, and three children, Mrs George
Coulson, Jay Coulson and family, Mrs Ernest
Spratt and family, Mrs May Longley and daughter,
Mrs. Carrie Hall and son Lewis Hall of Waverly,
Mrs. Flossie Smith of Portland, and Mrs. Lilia
Moore of Benton Harbor.
John Woods was born in Madison, S. Dak.,
April 16,1887, and died in Lansing January
More About John Wiley Woods:
Burial: Harrison Cemetery, Decatur, VanBuren County, MI
Notes for Eva Coulson:
. Recognition Of Service
This is to certify that Eva S Woods was employed by the United States
Navy during the second World War at Office of Inspector of Naval ,USN,
Detroit District this certificate is awarded to civilian employers of
the U. S. Navy who remained on essential war time work until their
services could be spared or until the end of hostilities. It is granted
in recognition of that service to the Navy and to the Country .
D. W. Coe, Captain, USN, Inspector 17 December 1945
4521 Wilcox Road
Holt, MI.
Died Friday. She is survived by 2
daughters, Madeline Foote of Holt,
Ica Fowler of Holt, one son George
woods of Olivet, Mi., one sister,
Mrs Ruth Spratt of Lansing, 10
grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren.
Funeral services to
be held at 10 o'clock a.m. Monday
morning at the Jewett Funeral Home.
Burial in Harrison Cemetery, Decatur,
More About Eva Coulson:
Burial: Harrison Cemetery, Decatur, VanBuren County, MI
Children of John Woods and Eva Coulson are:
114 i. Ica Ruth8 Woods, born June 24, 1914 in Decatur, MI; died June 21, 2005 in Holt, Michigan. She
married Robert Glynn Fowler May 04, 1931 in Lansing, MI; born January 10, 1912 in Gleason,TN;
died February 12, 1980 in Holt,MI.
Notes for Ica Ruth Woods:
Fowler, Ica R.
Fowler, Ica R., 90, retired Michigan State University Holden Hall cafeteria supervisor, died Tuesday.
Services 10 a.m. Friday at Holt United Methodist Church. Arrangements by Estes-Leadley Holt/Delhi
Published in the Lansing State Journal - June 23, 2005
Fowler, Ica
Charities |
Fowler, Ica R. Holt, MI Age 90,
passed away on June 21, 2005.
She was born on June 24, 1914
in Decatur, MI. Mrs. Fowler was
a member of Holt United Methodist
Church, and she was employed as
a supervisor at Holden Hall cafeteria
at MSU for 17 years, retiring in 1978.
She was preceded in death by her
husband, Robert Fowler. Surviving
are 3 daughters, Roberta (Keith)
Vedder of Charlotte, Clara (Charles)
Heath and Celeste Tilden, all of
Lansing; 9 grandchildren; 19 greatgrandchildren;
5 great-greatgrandchildren;
and sister-in-law,
Kate Woods. A funeral service
will be held at 10:00 a.m. Friday,
June 24, 2005, at Holt United Methodist
Church, 2321 N. Aurelius Rd., with the
Rev. Lynn E. Grimes officiating.
Interment will follow in Maple Ridge
Cemetery. The family will receive
friends at the Estes-Leadley Holt/Delhi
Chapel from 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Thursday.
Published in the Lansing State Journal -
June 22, 2005
Ica Fowler
Ica Fowler, 90, formerly of Gleason, passed away June 21, 2005, in Charlotte, Michigan. Services
were held in the Holt United Methodist Church on June 24, 2005.
Mrs. Fowler was born June 24, 1914 in Decatur, Michigan. She was a member of the Holt United
Methodist Church and was employed as a supervisor at Holden Hall cafeteria at M.S.U., retiring in
1978. She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert Glynn Fowler in 1980.
Survivors include three daughters, Roberta (Keith) Vedder of Charlotte, Clara (Charles) Heath, and
Celeste Tilden of Lansing, Michigan; nine grandchildren; nineteen great-grandchildren; and five greatgreat-
Name: Ica W. Fowler
SSN: 413-32-8709
Last Residence: 48842 Holt, Ingham, Michigan
Born: 24 Jun 1914
Died: 21 Jun 2005
State (Year) SSN issued: Tennessee (Before 1951 )
Name: Ica Fowler
Address: 4444 Sycamore St
City: Holt
State: Michigan
Zip Code: 48842
Phone Number: 517-694-9664
Residence Years: 1994 1995 1996 1997
More About Ica Ruth Woods:
Burial: June 24, 2005, Maple Ridge Cemetery
Notes for Robert Glynn Fowler:
Moved to Gleason in 1934 and took over William Robert Fowler's grocery store which they ran until
1943. Then they opened a pool hall until 1952. Robert was also a deputy. They moved to Lansing Mi in
1952. Icie worked at MSU. They moved to Holt Mi in 1967.
SSN: 413-32-8173
Last Residence: 48842 Holt, Ingham, MI
Born: 10 Jul 1912
Last Benefit: 48842 Holt, Ingham, MI
Died: Feb 1980
State (Year) SSN issued: TN (Before 1951 )
More About Robert Glynn Fowler:
Burial: Maple Ridge Cemetery
115 ii. Madeline L. Woods, born July 02, 1916 in Decatur, MI; died March 28, 1999 in Lansing, MI. She
married (1) Carol Loomis Pittman August 10, 1934 in Lansing, MI; born in CA; died in CA. She
married (2) Emmett T Foote July 27, 1937; born January 25, 1912 in Ingham Co MI; died February 08,
1982 in Mason MI.
Notes for Madeline L. Woods:
SSN: 372-44-1937
Last Residence: 48854 Mason, Ingham, MI
Born: 2 Jul 1916
Last Benefit:
Died: 28 Mar 1999
State (Year) SSN issued: MI (1960 And 1961 )
Age 82 died March 28,1999. Born
July 02,1916 in Decatur, Mrs. Foote
was a member of Columbia Road
Baptist Church. She was preceded
in death by her husband, Emmett; son,
Bruce; parents, John and Eva (Coulson)
Woods and brother George Woods.
Surviving are 2 sons Terry (Linda) of
Leslie, and Harold (Judy) Pittman of
Mason; 5 grandchildren; 6 great
grandchildren; sister Ica Fowler of
Holt. Funeral services will be held
Thursday, April 1, 12 Noon t the
Gorsline-Runciman Co. Ball-Dunn
Chapel, 612 S Jefferson, Mason, with
the Rev. John Hayden, Pastor of
Columbia Road Baptist Church,
officiating. Interment will follow
in Eden Cemetery, VeVay township.
Friends may call at the Chapel begining
Tuesday 2 p.m. where the family will
receive friends Tuesday and Wednesday
2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Those
desiring may make contributions
to the American Lung Association
of Michigan, 403 Seymour Avenue,
Lansing, 48933-1179 in memory of
Mrs. Foote.
Notes for Emmett T Foote:
Address: 4486 DONCASTER AVE , 6
City: HOLT
State: MI
Zipcode: 48842
Phone: (517) 694-3750
Name: Emmett T FOOTE
Birth Date: 25 January 12
Death Date: 08 February 82
Gender: Male
Residence: Delhi, Ingham, Michigan
SSN: 378-05-9174
Last Residence: 48842 Holt, Ingham, MI
Born: 25 Jan 1912
Last Benefit:
Died: Feb 1982
State (Year) SSN issued: MI (Before 1951 )
116 iii. Rolland " George" Woods, born March 08, 1919 in Decatur MI; died February 23, 1982 in Marietta,
Washington County, OH. He married Katherine I "Kate" Birchfield August 05, 1940 in Angola,
Indiana; born July 25, 1921 in Hardin County, Ohio; died August 11, 2005 in Homer, Michigan.
Notes for Rolland " George" Woods:
Name: Rolland G Woods
Age at Death: 62
Date of Death: 23 Feb 1982
City of Death: Marietta
County of Death: Washington
Volume: 24765
Certificate: 014363
Date of Birth: Est. 1920
State of Birth: Michigan
Country of Birth: United States
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Social Security Number: 373-20-8818
Hospital of Death: Marietta Memorial Hospital
Certifier: Coroner
Autopsy: Yes, used for certification
FREMONT, INDIANA - Rolland G Woods Sr., age 62 of Marshall, Michigan, expired Tuesday
February 23,1982 in Marietta, Ohio. Mr. Woods was born March 8,1919 in Decatur, Michigan to John
Wiley Woods and Eva Coulson Woods. He married Katherine Birchfield August 5,1940 in Angola,
Indiana. Surviving are his wife Katherine, Sons Rolland "Ron" G. Woods Jr., (Janet), John Wiley
Woods (Sharon) Steven R Woods (Lisa) and Daughter Sharon Woods Cornell, two sisters, Ica Woods
Fowler and Madaline Woods Foote, eleven grandchildren. Services are Sunday, February 27th at 1:00
p.m. at Beams Funeral Home, Fremont, Indiana, with calling from 3 to 9 p.m. on Friday. Clergyman
officiating, Monroe Collins, with final resting place at Lakeside Cemetery.
More About Rolland " George" Woods:
Burial: February 27, 1982, Lakeside Cemetery, Fremont, Indiana
Notes for Katherine I "Kate" Birchfield:
By Katherine "Kate" I. Birchfield Woods.
My Mom and Dad wed August 08,1920 in Harden County Ohio. I am not sure where
we lived,
but it was on the Scioto Marsh in Harden County Ohio when I was born, July 21,1921.
My Uncle Payne
Fraley told me that the first time he saw me was when I was three weeks old. My
Mom and Dad came
down the road walking, and pushing me in a baby buggy, and crossed a bridge over a
ditch into my Grampa
Fraley's yard.
I was not old enough to remember when my sister Helen was born on August 26 1922,
but was told by Mom
that Helen was a preemie baby so small, she could lay in a shoe box. She had a lot of
dark hair. We had a
large round oak stove in the center of the room, and the pipe passed up through the
ceiling into a bedroom
up stairs, so it would be warm too. I remember two dinning room chairs behind the
stove with a feather tick,
and Helen slept there. I think it served the purpose of keeping a premature baby warm.
My brother Jim was born November 11 1923. My memory of him is on a tricycle and
he killed a garden
snake because Helen and I was afraid.
Brother Bill was born December 14 1925.
I remember Grampa and Gramma Fraley's house on the Marsh was a big two story
house, with a walkway
built out of wood that went to the pump. I remember one time when I was there
Gramma wanted me to have
a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, but I wanted only peanut butter without bread,
Grampa Fraley told
Gramma to let me just have the peanut butter, I ate so much that I went out on the
wooden walkway and
threw up a lot.
Grampa and Gramma also had a nice Parlor and Gramma would not let anyone use it.
She only used it
for special occasions. One time Aunt Cassie was there with her boyfriend at the time,
Morgan Wireman,
and they were sitting in Gramma's parlor and Gramma got mad and poured a bottle of
Whiskey on the
floor and lit it with a match.
I remember Gramma Fraley and Aunt Cassie used to bake about six pies a day, usually
Banana and Chocolate pies.
I remember one time Mom baked Dad a birthday cake, and told me it was a secret, but
when my
Dad came home, I took him by the hand and led him into the pantry and showed him
the cake.
Gramma Elizabeth Birchfield lived with us when we moved to a farm at Walkerton, In.
She baby sit
with us kids while Mom and Dad worked. She loved brother Bill and would put a
quilt in a crate, so
she could keep Bill close by when she cooked.
I don't remember if we still lived here, or if we have moved to another house in the
country, near by,
when Bob was born February 9 1928. I remember a large concrete Porch with a stone
wall around it.
I had mumps on my 7th birthday. I remember Jim and Helen jumping off the Porch,
they did not catch
the mumps. This is the only I ever saw my Grampa Jim Birchfield. He was a short
man, with white hair
and a beard. We had a player piano. Grampa gave Jim a quarter, and Jim was playing
the piano and
put the quarter in his mouth and swallowed it.
We moved to Lagrange,In. that year. Helen and I started school here and had to walk to
In 1929 we moved to Partello, MI. We lived in Mrs Kerns house almost in the school
I can't remember the year, but we moved back to McGuffey, Ohio. Helen and I attended
school here
and rode a bus. We lived down the road from our teacher. Helen and I would walk
down the road to
her house. That is the first time I heard Kate Smith sing on the radio.
Next we moved to Williams County Ohio, on the Ira Thomas farm. We went to the
Whaley school
on Disbro Road. Helen, Jim and I went to school here. Brother Bill also started school
here. He
was so small and cute the older girls would carry him to school.
The depression hit while we lived here and a neighbor let us live in a little house house
that leaked
when it rained. Mom would take big heavy wool coats and cut them into quilt strips,
and make
heavy quilts for our beds. I wish I could find one of them, but I would guess they were
threw away
at sometime. Dad worked for .50 cents a day. The farmer could not afford to pay him.
so we got meat,
eggs,milk and butter from him. We went to Cooney school from here, when we could,
which was not
very often.
When Roosevelt became president, Dad went to work for the W.P.A.
Next we moved to the Weir Dick farm north of Columbus, Ohio. We had to walk to
school at Columbus.
Also I remember and us older kids walking across a field and woods to weed onions and
pick pickles.
Aunt Cassie lived with us then.
I can't remember how old I was, but I remember one time Grampa Fraley, Uncle Dan
and Uncle Red
went to Ohio to get Mom out of jail. She had been picked up with Johnny Hamilton
"Big "Red", "her cousin"
and John Dillinger and put in jail. Johnny Hamilton was a second cousin to Mom. His
mother was a Salyers.
This started a lot of stories in our family. A lot which is not true.
I remember when U.S. highway 20 was detoured by our house. We were having a sheep
roast at our place,
and Mom's family was there this Sunday. A large touring car had a flat tire in front of
our house. It was
full of ladies who were dressed in in pants. At this time this was not considered proper
to dress that way,
and none of the women would let the men help change the tire.
Lucy and Lindy was born here. Lucy was born May 25 1932 and Lindy was born
December 19 1933. Us
kids had a goat and it would get loose and eat Mom's clothes she had hung on the line to
day. Mom would
get Dad's gun and shoot at it. She never really aimed real good, and never hit the goat.
We moved to Sandhill at Nettle Lake when Lindy was a small baby. We had Scarlet
Fever, me, Bill, Bob,
Lucy and Dad all had it. I contacted Rheumatic Fever, and Dr Jennings took care of us.
We had a river close to Nettle Lake on the back of the farm. The whole family would go
camp and fish here.
We moved to the Easterday farm south of Cooney. We attended Cooney school.
Next we moved to E.B. McNaughton's house, west of York, IN. We went to Metz school
and road a bus.
Once we had a blizzard and got snow bound at school. We stayed one night in Metz with
a family. All
the men got out and helped shovel out roads so we could we could get home. Shirley was
born here
Nov. 29 1935.
My mother always raised a big garden, we had chickens, and eggs. We always had a milk
cow. Mom
made homemade butter and buttermilk, also cottage cheese. She made homemade bread
and buttermilk
biscuits and cornbread. She canned everything from the garden including fruit which we
bought. I
remember picking strawberries, wild blackberries and raspberries. She also picked
elderberries and
made the best jam and pies with these. Wild berries were plentiful in those days. We
always raised hogs
for butchering. We never had too much beef to eat. Mom dried fruit and corn. She made
big boilers of hominy.
The food I remember most is her chickens and dumplings, gingerbread, Biscuits and
cornbread and fried corn.
I remember Gramma Birchfield came to visit. She came by Gray Hound bus. When she
was home on her
small farm in Grant, Michigan, she raised onions. She dressed in long fashion skirts and
blouses, and sun
bonnets, and hi topped shoes, and smoked a clay pipe. When she rode the bus she wore
modern clothes,
shoes and hats, and smoked cigarettes.
Next we moved to the Young place in 1936. It was across from Herschel Huss's folks.
We went to
school at Scott Center.
In 1937 is when my Dad left us. I quit school at 16 to go to work and help Mom. We
stilled lived on Leslie
Young's near Fremont. This is also when Uncle Rice wed Medie Bradley. They lived on
Gaylord Mullett's
farm. That same summer of 1937 Helen, Jim, Bill and I went to Grant Michigan and
stayed in a tent with
our Dad. Our cousin Everett Patrick lived near us. Dad gave us a Model T Car and all
four of us learned
to drive it, in the fire lanes in the woods. When we came back home, part of us lived
with Uncle Rice and
part with Grampa Fraley. Mom had our sister Janice Ann October, 30 1937 and she died
the same day.
I remember holding her and dressing her to be buried.
We moved to the Franing house at Partello, Michigan, and this is where I met George
Woods. My mother
became ill and had a ruptured appendix. Was in the Hospital in Marshall, Michigan. My
Mom and brothers
and sisters moved back to IN. George and I got married August 5 1939 in Angola,
George and I took up house keeping and working for his cousin Floyd Baldwin, near
Marshall on a farm.
I learned to milk cows here. I got pregnant for Sharon here. When I got pregnant, I got
homesick to see
Mom, and we did not own a car at the time. George just kidding said, we could always
hitch hike. I surprised
him and said lets go, so we started hitch hiking. A man stopped and picked us up. He said
he was only going
as far as Coldwater, as he had some business there. When we got to Coldwater he let us
out. He told us he
would check when he got done with his business and if we were still where he let us out,
he would take us the
rest of the way to my Mothers. Well sure enough he came back and drove us to Moms
We moved down close to my mother after this We moved into the house with her when
she went and stayed with
sister Helen, when she had her first baby, Shirley. Shirley is about nine months older than
my daughter Sharon.
We then moved to Mason, Michigan, and George worked in Lansing for a theater Co. This
is where my daughter
Sharon Kay was born, Oct.24 1941, about six weeks before the second world war. When
Sharon was born it
cost $64.00, and I also had my tonsils out. We lived in Gramma Coulson's upstairs
Apartment. Gramma Coulson
always said babies needed to be rocked in a rocking chair. One day I heard a noise on the
stairs, and looked
and Gramma Coulson was dragging a rocking chair upstairs for me to rock Sharon in.
Sharon sucked her thumb
when she was a baby. Gramma Coulson asked me what I craved when I was pregnant for
her. I told her I could
never get enough Strawberries. She had some strawberries that she had canned, so she
opened a jar and
fed Sharon the strawberry juice until she was full. Sharon never sucked her thumb again.
George loved farming, so we moved back to Floyd Baldwin's by Marshall, in a new house
Floyd built for us.
One time I had Sharon dressed up real cute, as we were going to town. Well she got away
from me and went
to the barn where her dad was. She walked out in the barnyard and fell headfirst into the
manure. We stayed in
this area until late 1944.
We moved back to In with my Mom so her and George could go to work in Hillsdale in a
war plant.
I was pregnant with Rolland "Ron", my second baby. Helen came here in March, and was
pregnant for
Valanda. One night after George and Mom came in from work, and had just got to sleep,
Helen woke them
up to take her to the hospital. They took her to Angola Hospital, where Valanda was born.
In April of the
same year we went and stayed at Uncle Paynes farm, and Payne and Sylvia went to
Kentucky to get married.
Ron was born June 13 1945. The war ended that year, so the War Plant closed down, and
George went
back farming for a muck farmer. We bought a little house north of York, where my
Mother had lived
when Shirley was born.
We next moved to a little green house on a road that ran south off 120, east of Fremont.
One time when
Ron was still a baby, I had changed his Diaper. I always stuck the Safety Pins in my shirt
while I was changing
him. Right shortly after I changed him, he started choking. I checked his diaper and one of
the Pins was not in
his diaper. I panicked and George and I started to the hospital. On there we hit a bump,
and Ron threw up
Tobacco. He had found a cigarette butt and put it in his mouth and swallowed it. I then
looked on my dress and
there was the pin. John was born when we lived here 19 1946. While living here George
bought a car that had
been a State Police car. It was about a 1940 Ford Coop, that you had to crank to start. I did
not have a drivers
license, but I drove anyway. One day I was driving and had Sharon and Ron with me.
Sharon was holding Ron.
While I was stopped at 120 a road truck came around the corner too short and hit the car.
Ron hit the dash, but was
only a little bruised. The car was totaled. Sharon used to love to dress Ron and John up in
her doll clothes and
pretend that they were her babies. John had cute white curly hair, and when George took
the boys down to Aunt
Marthy's and had her shave off their hair, Sharon was mad at him and Aunt Marthy. We
also had a white collie
dog named Lady. She loved Sharon. One time Sharon was jumping on our bed, and
George told her to stop.
Sharon did not listen to him and kept jumping. George picked her up and was going to
spank her and Lady
attacked him. We had to give Lady away after that.
We then moved North of Metz, In on a farm, owned by a Sheriff of Angola, Dorsey Folk.
Sharon started school
here at Metz. She rode a bus. One time while living here George thought he had a slow
leak on one of his tires
on our car. One day he came back into the yard after milking cows, and here was Ron,
down by a tire sticking
his little finger in the tire valve and letting the air out of the tire. We also was living here
when my youngest
brother Lindy came and stayed with us. Lindy and some neighborhood boys got into some
trouble and George
spanked Lindy. This broke Sharon's heart. She could not stand to see her Uncle Lindy cry,
and she went into
his bedroom and babied him.
We moved back to Michigan on M 60 just east of Burlington. While we were living here
we became friends
with Floyd and Lorriane Scofield. We also became friends with Bill and Violet French.
Sharon went to church
with Violets children. Well Bill and George liked to make Moonshine, and got caught one
time, on a Sat night.
They spent the night in Jail. Sharon did not get to go to church that Morning, so she went
that night with Violets
Children. Sharon's Sunday school teacher told Sharon that they had missed her that
morning, and Sharon
proceeded to tell her that she had to stay home because her Dad had been jail. Violets kids
wanted to strangle
her. This is where we lived when Ron and John learned to play Cowboys and Indians. They
had little toy guns
and holsters. We had a round oak stove in the living room. One day they were playing and
Ron was the Indian
that day and was running around the stove, well John the cowboy jumped off the arm of the
couch and hit Ron
over the head with his gun and knocked Ron out.
We then moved to Potawattme reservation and farmed potatoes. This is where I decided I
would like to have
bangs. I had always wore my hair long and George loved it. When I cut bangs he was very
mad at me. John
was always my little toe head, and I used to tell him he was made out of sugar. One day
when he was outside
it started raining, and he put his hands over his head and started crying saying my head is
made out of sugar
and is going to melt. The kids and I used to walk in the wooded area. One day I seen a big
blue racer and
grabbed a stick and shook it at the snake, and he crawled away. I was a hero then.
From there we moved to Partello in the Thomas House which we bought. We lived next
door to the Kerns
House where Mom had lived at one time. Steve was born here on April 30 1951. It cost
one weeks pay for Steve,
when he was born. Dr Humphery delivered Steve. Mom said she doctored with Dr
Humphrey until one time she
took Steve in and the doctor could not remember Mom's name. Ron and John started
school at the little country
school in Partello. George and I also started working at Woodlin Metal in Marshall. My
Brother Bob and his first
wife lived in the upstairs apt. So they watched the kids while we were working. One time
while we were working,
a storm came up, and Bob's wife went upstairs to shut her windows. While up there
Sharon was holding Steve, and
went to shut off a lamp. Lightning struck the house at that time and the light bulb
exploded, just as Sharon was
reaching for it. Sharon and the boys ran out of the house screaming and crying, and Sharon
almost squeezed
Steve to death. Jim and Helen and Their family also lived in the upstairs apt. when they
first moved up here from
In. One time when George and I was working different shifts, and George watched the
kids, George was going to
put Steve down for a nap, and he laid down with him. Well George took the nap and Steve
got up and went to
the kitchen. We had been to the grocery store, and I had not put everything away yet. Well
Steve mixed Flour,
Coffee, and butter and everything he could open together. What a mess. We had a little
bulldog when we lived
here and Steve would take our plates after we would get through eating and sit them on the
floor for the dog to lick
and he would say he was helping me do dishes. He would also try to eat the dog food with
the dog. One time Steve
got whooping cough, and every little kid in Partello came and seen him and it got passed
all over Partello. When
Steve learned to walk he used Sharon's baton and pretended like it was a horse. Uncle
Lindy and Little Tommy
Fraley used to come to visit and get Ron and John to wrestling, until one of them would
cry. Mom would put the
boys to bed, and then Lindy and Tom would sneak into the bedroom and give the boys beer
to get them to quit
crying. We bought our first TV when we lived here. One time George took Sharon, Ron
and John, along with my
Brother Lindy to see a cowboy movie. While in the movie, everything had quitted down,
and Ron asked very loud,
Dad how come the horse don't shit in the movies? Everyone just roared laughing. One
Sunday when we were
living here, Gramma and Grampa Coller, Aunt Madeline and Uncle came down. Gramma
Coller had bought yards
and yards of Flannel. They tore it into diapers for Steve. One Sunday everybody hemmed
diapers for Steve.
We then bought the old Roop farm. We had cows that we milked, I raised Chickens here.
Sharon, Ron and John
walked about a mile to country school called Carverville School. We raised big gardens
here. George and I
continued to work at Woodlin Metals in Marshall. Sharon was old enough to baby sit by
her self then. Sharon
was in 4-H, and a saddle club while living here. She had a horse named Ginger. Also one
of our hens was a
runt, and Sharon made a pet out of her. She would go with Sharon when she would go
riding on Ginger. Ron
and John decided they wanted to try smoking one day and sit a pig house on fire. They
were in trouble over that.
We bought our first freezer when we lived here.
We also had a big yellow cat come to the house and the kids started feeding the cat, and
named the cat Tom.
Well Tom had a litter of kittens soon after. We also got a cocker spaniel as a pup, that we
named Pixie. Well
Steve was just learning to talk and could not say his words very plain. When he called
Pixie, it came out pissy.
The older kids used to have a ball getting him to call his dog. When we lived here I used
to fix big Thanksgiving
dinners and have my family up.
Woodlin Metals closed, so George next went to work for Maynard Velliqatte. We moved
to one of his houses.
Steve started school here. Sharon got her drivers license while we lived here. The kids
rode a bus and went to
Olivet School.
We next moved to Quincy, Mi and lived next door to Mom and Sharley. George Worked
in a shop in Quincy
and I went to work in a Fishing Tackle Shop in Bronson. I remember my Sherry Jo and
Lynn coming and
knocking on my door and saying Aunt Kate let us in or we will huff and puff and blow your
house in. One time
they came and were crying because they said they stepped in used dog food.
We next moved to California Corners and Georges Shop went on strike. This is when we
found out that my
Mother had cancer. They settled the strike after about 8 months, and we bought a house in
Coldwater, Mi on
State Street. Mom's cancer returned and she had surgery on her colon, and had to wear a
bag. She stayed
with us until Christmas. I had to quit my job to take care of her. Then all my brothers
rented a house and moved
Mom in it. I still went and stayed nights with her as Shirley had to work. Mom died May
14 1961.
George's shop closed and moved down south. He tried to work in a foundry, and a another
small shop which also
closed, so we moved back up in the Marshall,Olivet area. We bought a trailer and lived in
Helen and her
second husband, Ross's yard. We moved in the Olivet area, so the boys could go to Olivet
School. Sis
married shortly after we moved from Coldwater. One time Gramma Coller came down for a
visit. George had a
small still in the basement. Homer Wireman came over and picked the Still. Gramma Got
on to Dad and said
Young Man if you don't think I know what you carried through that kitchen door. She said I
know what that was.
What have you been up to. Ron and John graduated from Olivet High School, and then we
bought a house on
V Drive North. I worked at Cornings while we lived here. Ron and John got drafted into
the Army while we were
living here. John went to Vietnam and Ron went to Germany. The boys did not want me to
work while they were
in the Army and sent me money, and had me quit Cornings.
Katherine "Katie" Birchfield Woods
Marshall Adviser
Katherine Irene Woods, 84 of Homer, died there
August 11, 2005. Mrs. Woods was born
July 25, 1921 in McGuffy, Harden County,
Ohio, to Walker and Alka Fraley Birchfield.
On August 5, 1939 she married Rolland
"George" Woods, Sr., who preceded her
her in death on February 23, 1982.
A homemaker, Katherine enjoyed sewing,
quilting, senior activities, and walking. She
was a member of the Red Hat Ladies Society
of Albion and Homer.
Suvivors include a daughter, Sharon Cornell
and Jim Risner of Parma, sons, Rolland
G Woods Jr. of Parma, John and Sharon
Woods of Albion, and Steve and Lisa Woods
of Auburn, Indiana, 16 grandchildren, 20 great
grandchildren: sisters Lucille Dudek of
Fayetteville, NC, and Shirley and Fred Dale
of Coldwater, MI.
Parents, two sisters and four brothers also
preceded her in death.
Visitation will be Sunday, August 14, from
2 to 5 p.m.,(Indiana time), at Beams Funeral
Home, Fremont, Indiana. Service will be
Monday, August 15, 11:00 a.m. (Indiana
time), Beams Funeral Home, Fremont,
Indiana. Pastor Monroe Collins
officiating. Interment at Lakeside Cemetery,
Fremont, Indiana. Memorials may be
directed to Hospice of Jackson and Oaklawn.
arrangements by Beams Funeral Home of
Fremont, Indiana. (260) 495 2915.
Name: Katherine Woods
SSN: 384-16-9007
Born: 25 Jul 1921
Died: 11 Aug 2005
State (Year) SSN issued: Michigan (Before 1951 )
More About Katherine I "Kate" Birchfield:
Burial: August 15, 2005, Lakeside Cemetery, Fremont, Indiana
98. Carrie7 Woods (John Burl6, Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born May 02, 1889 in CASS COUNTY MI, and
died October 22, 1957 in CALHOUN CO MI. She married Dennis Baldwin January 29, 1910. He was born October 14, 1863 in Porter Twp,
Michigan, and died August 04, 1947 in Newton twp, Battle Creek, Mi.
Notes for Carrie Woods:
April 13,1910 William and Ann E. Vanderhoof sold land to Carrie V Baldwin, NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Section 20. Deed recorded April 16,1910
Vanburen Co MI.
Wed. Oct 23,1957
Mrs. Dennis M. Baldwin
Mrs. Carrie Virginia Baldwin,
68, who had lived 26 years on
the Union City road, north of
Stanley Corners in Newton
Township, died at 10:00 a.m.
Tuesday in a local hospital,
where she had been a patient
for five weeks. Mrs. Baldwin
was born in Silvercreek, Cass
County, May 2, 1889, the daughter
of John and Helen (Vanderhoof)
Woods. She was married
at Decatur in 1909 to Dennis M.
Baldwin who died in August,
1947. She is survived by two
daughters, Mrs. Duane (Myrtle)
Wilbur and Mrs Earl (Lodema)
Hunter and a son, Ford R.
Baldwin, all of Newton Township;
four stepsons, Jesse Baldwin
of Hanover; Roy J. Baldwin,
12529 E. Michigan Ave.; Floyd
Baldwin of Marshall and Selah
Baldwin of Burlington; two stepdaughters,
Mrs Kit Kalbetzer
of Decatur and Mrs. Mabel
Smith, Ceresco; a brother, Clarence
Woods of Kalamazoo; 14
grandchildren and 10 great
grandchildren. Mrs. Baldwin was
a member of the Maccabees.
Notes for Dennis Baldwin:
Dennis M. Baldwin was a son of the late Jonathan and Jane Baldwin and was born in Porter township October 11,
1863. He departed this life August 4,1947, at the age of 83 years, at his home in Newton township, south of Battle
Mr. Baldwin as a young man spent his time in and around Decatur doing baling work and farming. Early in
life he was married to Miss Emma Branigan of Benton Harbor, formerly of Decatur. She passed away two years after they were married, leaving a
young daughter, who is now Mrs. Kittie Calbetzor of Decatur.
Later he was married to Phoebe Thompson, also of Decatur. She also departed this life, leaving six children. They are Jesse of Hanover,
Mich., Roy of Battle Creek, Selah of Coldwater, Mrs. Mabel Smith of Ceresco, Mrs. Ona Shepard of Battle Creek.
In 1910, January 29, he was married to Miss. Carrie Woods, daughter of the late John and Helen Woods of Decatur. Three children were born
to this union who survive with the widow and other children. They are Ford at home, Myrtle Wilbur and Lodema Hunter, both of Battle Creek.
Mr. Baldwin was a kind and loving father, and besides raising his large family of boys and girls, he took in his home his little
granddaughter when she was but a year old and kept her and provided a home for her. She is Virginia Hunter and still resides with his wife Carrie.
Besides the children and wife, he leaves 32 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. Clara Bennett of Benton Harbor, one
brother George of Kalamazoo. He leaves a host of nieces and nephews in and around Decatur.
Funeral services were held August 7 at the Court Funeral home in Marshall and interment followed in Newton Cemetery.
Casketbearers were Dosrey and Eugene Calbetzor, Lee and Ward Baldwin, Frank and Leon Smith, all grandsons.
Children of Carrie Woods and Dennis Baldwin are:
117 i. Myrtle8 Baldwin. She married Duane "Dick" Wilbur.
118 ii. Ford Baldwin, born February 25, 1911; died August 24, 1998 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan.
Notes for Ford Baldwin:
Name: Ford R. Baldwin
SSN: 366-07-0115
Last Residence: 49017 Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan, United States of America
Born: 25 Feb 1911
Died: 24 Aug 1998
State (Year) SSN issued: Michigan (Before 1951 )
Address: 60 GORDON BLVD
State: MI
Zipcode: 49017
Phone: (616) 963-0952
119 iii. Lodema Baldwin. She married Earl Hunter.
104. Lila W7 Woods (James S6, Wiley S5, James4 Wood, Bailey3, James2, James1) was born November 02, 1890 in Michigan, and died
September 08, 1969 in Michigan. She married Warner Z Moore Abt. 1914. He was born April 14, 1891 in Michigan, and died February 18,
1978 in Berrien twp., Berrien County, Michigan.
Notes for Lila W Woods:
This is from Craig Blyeth
No given name cited in Hattie's obituary for daughter, but on Lillian
Cushing 's family information is written "Lila born 1890" and "phoned Lila
Moore 12-1 -1964." Per Darwin Sutherland (August, 2000) Lila was
19 20 Federal Census
ED 71, p. 5A, res. 1
Benton Harbor, 3rd Ward, Benton twp., Berrien Co., MI:
Moore, Warner Z., 28, MI MI MI, carpenter
Lila W. (?), 28, M I MI MI
1930 Federal Census
ED 13, p. 15A, res. 375
612 Empire Ave.
Ward 3, Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., MI:
Moore, Warner, Z., owns res. worth $6,000, ra dio, 38, m. @ 22, MI MI
MI, house carpenter
Lila W., 39, m. @ 23, MI MI MI
Burl, 9, MI MI MI
Smith, Michael, lodger, 73, wid., OH US US, grinder at malle able iron
Woods, Hattie, mother-in-law, 65, wid., MI Eng. MI
No SSDI listing.
St. Joseph Herald-Press, Nov. 19, 1962
Mercy Hospital
Eau Clair e - Mrs. Warner Moore, rt. 1, box 198 (discharged Nov. 26)
Notes for Warner Z Moore:
This is from Criag Blyeth
ID: I521909585
Name: Warner Z. MOORE
Given Name: Warner Z.
Surname: Moore
Sex: M
Birth: 14 Apr 1891 in Michigan 1 2
Death: 18 Feb 1978 in Berrien twp., Berrien Co., Michigan 1 3
Burial: Shanghai cem., Pipestone twp., Berrien Co., Michigan 1
Michigan Deaths, 1971-96:
MOORE , Warner Z.
Death Date: 18 February 78
Birth Date: 14 April 91
Gender: Male
Residence: Sodus, Berrien, Michigan
Place of Death: Berrien, Berrien, Michigan
SSDI listing:
SSN 378-14-1891
Residence: 49111 Eau Claire, Berrien, MI
Born 14 Apr 1891
Last Benefit: 49022 Benton Harbor, Berrien, MI
Died Feb 1978 Issued: MI (Before 1951)
Michigan Deaths, 1971-96
MOORE , Warner Z
Death Date: 18 February 78 Birth Date: 14 April 91
Gender: Male Residence: Sodus, Berrien, Michigan
Place of Death: Berrien, Berrien, Michigan
Child of Lila Woods and Warner Moore is:
120 i. Burl8 Moore, born 1921 in Michigan.
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