Nolan B. Wooldridge

Laura Klorman
Nolan B. Wooldridge, or as my sister and I called him, Papa; was the finest man that ever lived! He dearly loved his family "unconditionally"! He was a God fearing man. He knew very well what hard work was and was never afraid of it. He knew heart wrenching tragedy in a very short period of time as he lost his only son at the age of 22 in a horrific sky diving accident and then lost our grandmother to cancer on Christmas Day 1961, the same day that our mother turned 21. He fought tooth and nail to secure a job during the Depression in order to support his wife, mother, father and 2 younger brothers when jobs were practically non existent. I am his youngest granddaughter and he passed away 2 months before my daughter was born. He dearly loved his great grandchildren, Robert (named after Nolan's son) and Elizabeth. He started out as a carpenter by trade, but worked at Pollock Paper company as a Warehouse Supervisor until he retired sometime around 1979/80. I still miss him every day and always will!
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