O Cumberland - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

O CUMBERLAND, rolling wild and free,
keeper of the log, to things we cannot see;
Would that you could tell, stories from days past,
early history's till your last.

O CUMBERLAND, your knife has shaped the shore,
carved from joys, and trials, and more;
Beneath the surface, lie the tales,
that never reached, or rode the rails.

O CUMBERLAND, one inch draft can shape it all,
certain list can fell the tall;
You often pause to pass the blocks,
with disdain, you use the locks!

O CUMBERLAND, you still view the countryside,
watch as different worlds collide;
Swiftest currents hide below,
reflected beauty's what you show.

O CUMBERLAND, your secret's safe with me,
I know the you they cannot see;
Would I could live to tame the asp,
but your writhing power evades my grasp!!

22 MAY 1997
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