Old Pictures - poem

PatsyJoReed Sircy
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

LIFE's STREAM, the MEMORY trip, a million MILEs,
Some Lady's HAT, the Children's SMILES;
The little known, the tried and true,
BELL BOTTOMs and TIE knots, the OCEANs blue.
In old SAN JUAN, off GIBALTRA's shore,
In GIANT REDWOODs' shadows, at play, and more;
In a RUFFLED DRESS at a PIGPEN's edge,
A Colorado LAD who dares the LEDGE.
All the FAR-OFF SIGHTs my eyes can't see;
Came HOME today in your GIFT to me!
That naught be lost at a GENERATION's turn,
I will SAVE and PASS all the things I LEARN;
OLD PICTUREs and LOVE in a treasured stack,
Black and white, over shoulder, from UNCLE's back!!

19 OCT. 1997
IMO Virgil Garrison,
US Navy photographer,
husband of my aunt Ruth Nelson REED
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