Pa. James Dosunmu

Babawale Dosunmu
Late Pa. Dosunmu is a father and grandfather to many of his descendants. He date of his birth does not have a record due to low level of education prevalent in the societies in his days . He died in 1988 after having spent up to 80yrs of existence . He hails from IWO, a town in OSUN state in the South Western region of Nigeria ,likewise , he was born in this same town . He grew up in MOSABI compound in the same town as his place of birth.
Pa. Dosunmu James worked as a farmer in his lifetime , a small-scale commercial farmer. He specialised in the growing of cash crops viz : the rubber tree and cocoa tree . He was a successful farmer . This have him an opportunity to be a polygamist . He married 4 wives .
Pa. Dosunmu values education ,for this reason he gave all his children a chance to a basic education .
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