Perry County

Tom Young
when Marilyn and I were together on Sundays we'd travel
down to southern Perry County where her parents were born
and there's two backwards old towns that are often remembered
so many times that my memories are worn


and Marilyn won't you take me back to old Perry County
down by Corning and Shawnee and Portie-Flamingo Road
well, I'm sorry my love but you're too late in asking
the Buckingham coal train has hauled it away

well, sometimes we'd travel right down to Wes Kellers
to the abandoned old reservoir down by Dodson Creek
where the air smelled like fish that we'd catch with out cane poles
but Bluegill and Bass are all we would keep


then the coal company came to Hatfield with there big shovels
and they tortured the timber and stripped all the land
they dug for the coal till the land was forsaken
then they wrote it all down as the progress of man


when I die let my ashes float down the Sunday Creek
let my soul roll on up to the Tom Jenkins Dam
I'll be halfway to Beech Grove where Marilyn lies waiting
just five miles from the forests where we loved to roam

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