"potatoe cassarole"   Temples family story

Timothy Temples

8 potatoes
2 table spoons of butter
bag of shredded cheese
4 table spoons of bacon bits
salt and pepper
ranch dressing

1. cut your potatoes in quarters or how ever you like it.
2. boil until done or fork tender
3. drain the water out, then put the potatoes in a cassarole dish or baking pan
4. sprinkle a little of salt,pepper all over potatoes (NOT TO MUCH) then your butter
5. then your ranch dressing pour as much as you want on your potatoes.
6. then sprinkle bacon bits all over your potatoes, and then your cheese.
7.then bake till the cheese is melted,,,,,,
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taste like a baked potatoe
Dec 16, 2006 3:26 pm reply
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